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Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 1)

Bitten - Kelley Armstrong This was my first taste of Kelley Armstrong and I must say, I was impressed. While I wasn't very connected to the characters in the beginning (that changed, don't worry!), I was really enjoying the plot, the history of the werewolves, and the writing style. Elena was a really great narrator. She had me laughing, sniffling, and screaming at her for her stupidity at times. She is a strong female who doesn't want to accept the supernatural side of herself, and has tried to run from it. Her strong-willed personality is what I love about her most. I adored Clay from his first scene, and suddenly became very engaged in the history between he and Elena when Clay had to "protect" Elena in Toronto. Clay is the adopted son of Jeremy, the Pack's leader. While his hot temper and violent tendencies made him seem more wolf than man, at times, he is over the top for Elena and you can feel his devotion leak off the pages.Good action, good lovin', good characters and good writing!