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Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods Series #1)

Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods Series #1) - See this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/08/book-review-blue-bloods-by-melissa-de.htmlBlue Bloods presents an interesting story, albeit in a superficial way. While I enjoy fluff in my reading, de la Cruz really amped up the "the only thing that matters is my Gucci bag and Blahnik pumps” mentality of young people that drives me INSANE! Granted, de la Cruz is a style expert and has been a fashion/beauty editor for many major publications. I’m not surprised that she incorporates fashion into the story, but it was a bit much. It really over-emphasizes how superficial and bubble-headed some of our youth are. And some of their parents. Boo. On the other hand, gotta give de la Cruz credit. She knew what would interest her targeted readers. Smart cookie.Two things kept me going though this story, and will urge me to pick up the next in the series. The plot/history: I was immediately intrigued by the Plymouth/Mayflower historical tie-in, and I love how de la Cruz incorporates it into her Blue Bloods mythology. I love her explanations of the Blue Bloods when Schuyler is learning about them. Consumption, Expression, Evolution, Expulsion. Dogs used as protectors. Lucifer and the Fallen Angels. The plot is pretty compelling and we are still left with serious questions that need to be answered!The characters: I adored Schuyler from the first scene, and really admired her for not becoming a Mimi clone. I remember how hard teens have it in high school, especially when they are perceived as different than the norm. Kudos to Schuyler for not giving a shit! I also adored Oliver for standing by her side, even though there is ultimately a reason for this. I also liked Bliss (maybe I just like her name), who wanted so badly to fit in but also was getting very tired of Mimi bossing her around. She ended up being a good soul. :)