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The Looking Glass Wars (Looking Glass Wars #1)

The Looking Glass Wars  - Frank Beddor Check out this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/12/book-review-looking-glass-wars-by-frank.htmlMy ThoughtsSo, for those that don’t know, I’m a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan. It is one of the best fantasies I read as a child and it has a lot to do with why I love the genre so much today. I am not some Carroll purist who can’t enjoy a different view on the story. In fact, I find great delight in other’s ideas of Alice and her crazy imagination. I was beyond excited when Brooke at Brooke Reviews gave me a copy of this book. I had never heard of it!I will admit that the writing isn’t fantastic. I don’t think it’s terrible but the author did not do the best job of grabbing us, emotionally. I wasn’t connected to the characters much, although a few of them stole the show. I know this book is geared toward the younger generations, and for them, I believe this book would be a great hit (albeit a tad long). The reason I loved it so much was because of the fantastic idea! I enjoyed the imagination behind this revamp so much that I really put aside the writing deficits and totally enjoyed the fantastical ride. For many, that is very difficult, but when you put Alice-esque literature in front of me, I am likely to enjoy it, regardless of its faults.In this world, Princess Alyss, daughter of Queen Genevieve, has one of the strongest imaginations in the land. In this world, what you dream up comes to life before your very eyes. I found this extremely exciting, and was very interested to see what Alyss and Redd would dream up in their battles. It was explained, however, that you could not kill a creature with a will to live with imagination alone. That would make things way to simple.There are some patriarchal tones and serious genocidal and fascist B.S. flowing throughout the book. I enjoy finding ugly issues like these in young reader books because it introduces these ideas to them, but not in a realistic way. It gives the reader a chance to think about the issue and question trusted adults. I think it’s a great way to slowly educate young people on the ugliness of our world.“Lesson number 1b in Bibwit’s carefully planned curriculum: For most of universe’s inhabitants, life is not all gummy wads and tarty tarts; it is a struggle against hardship, unfairness, corruption, abuse, and adversity in all its guises, where even to survive – let alone survive with dignity – is heroic.”Aside from Redd, who was pretty creepy and hella mean, I really enjoyed her evil creations much more. Instead of recreating a Chesire Cat character, the author turned him into The Cat, a massive half-man, half-cat creature that served as Redd’s henchmen. He had 9 lives, and it was pretty humorous to see him loose some from various people – mainly Redd herself! *snicker* However, being a cat, he was one sneaky creature…I ended up loving the supporting characters much more than Alyss. I adored the Rook, which was some random chess piece fighter that would appear during drastic moments and save Alyss’ butt, and always had witty lines. Dodge, Alyss’ childhood friend/love interest was a great character when he was younger, but I was so disappointed in him as an adult. Bibwit Harte (definitely a play on ’White Rabbit’), master tutor of Wonderland, was a gentle, dear old soul. But oh, Hatter Madigan FTW! My goodness, I love this character something fierce. He is made of pure awesome. He’s not the loony tune in the traditional story. Instead, he’s a loyal, brave and fierce fighter with some snazzy weaponry! When he was searching the world for Alyss, he only trusted information from hatters, which I found incredibly cute.“He trusted those who dealt in headwear more than he trusted anyone else.”And one last tidbit, looks like they want to turn this one into a film! SO COOL!My Favorite Quotes"But I killed you,” Alyss said.“Did you?” Red turned to The Cat. “Why wasn’t I informed?" "You can't spend so much time in a place and not carry a bit of it inside you."