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Tommy Nightmare (The Paranormals, #2)

Tommy Nightmare - J.L. Bryan Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/11/tommy-nightmare-this-nightmare-sucked.html*SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS BOOK. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.* Smashtastic Synopsis: Tommy Nightmare opens up with 12 year old Tommy in foster care. We learn that life is not good for Tommy. He is beaten by his religious wackadoo foster father and none of his foster brothers want anything to do with him because of the extreme fear he makes them all feel. A terrible incident occurs and Tommy finds a way out of his hellish home. Tommy grows up and finds himself in prison. He notices Ashleigh on TV, and is inexplicably dawn to her. He uses his fear-inducing charm to break free, and finds himself in Fallen Oak. Tommy isn’t happy to discover that his “opposite” has been sent to an early grave, and he sets out to give Jenny and Seth something to really fear.Interest in the book: Well, since I couldn’t put down Jenny Pox, it was obvious that I would jump directly to the next book in the series.Characters: As evil as Tommy seemed to be, I was rooting for him. Not to kill of Jenny and Seth, but to find happiness. I hoped throughout this novel that his story would end on a positive, though Ashleigh got her claws in deep, yet again. Speaking of Ashleigh, just when you think a manipulative bitch can’t get more manipulative, the authors slaps you with total domination in heels. I’m all for Girl Power, but Ashleigh needs someone to teach her ass a lesson, ya hear? Jenny really matures in this novel. She’s become more brave but also more fearful, especially where her loved ones are concerned. There is a really touching scene between Jenny and her father that really choked me up. And we’re introduced to yet another character, Alexander, who literally creeped me out. Wondering his role in the last book, Alexander Death, sent my imagination into a frenzy!Worldbuilding: I really enjoyed the author’s ability to keep the ball rolling as if Jenny Pox and this story were in the same book. The world expands in Tommy Nightmare as we are introduced to more characters, and the plot deepens as the stakes rise!Lasting Impressions: Other than wanting to punch minor character Wooly in the face every time he opened his pie hole, I really, really enjoyed this book. I like how the story left characters scattered and angry, leaving so many possibilities for the final installment!Smashtastic Entertainment ScaleDamn near Perfect!Wicked EnjoyableGreat PotentialMediocreSomewhat boring/confusing/lameNot very interestingBoo