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Alexander Death (The Paranormals, #3)

Alexander Death - J.L. Bryan Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/11/alexander-death-death-strikes-but-will.html*SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS BOOK. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.*Smashtastic Synopsis: The final installment in the Paranormals Trilogy by J.L. Bryan, Alexander Death packed a punch. At the end of Tommy Nightmare, Alexander steps in and saves Jenny’s life from a mob riot caused by Ashleigh and Tommy. She is being pummeled to death, and has been severely hurt by Seth, so she makes the only viable decision. Alexander sweeps her away to Mexico, where he slowly opens her mind to her past lives, showing her that they are meant to be together. Meanwhile, Seth never gives up on Jenny, and searches until his finds her. Jenny is torn between her feelings for Seth and Alexander, both present very different futures for Jenny. What will her heart tell her to do? Interest in the book: I dare you to read Jenny Pox and not follow through with the entire series. And if you don’t…*sticks out tongue*Characters: I wanted to like Alexander during certain parts of this story, but deep down, I knew he was an evil dude looking out for his own arse. I knew it wasn’t wise to trust him but he was a charming son of a gun! Plus, he raises the dead. Win! Jenny really morphs in this book, and she is almost unrecognizable in the middle of the story. She has come to terms with her past, and with help from Alexander’s manipulation, becomes something she despises. Tommy takes a serious turn in this book, and I was quite pleased with his growth. Ashleigh brings her wickedness down like scalpels, and she is relentless when it comes to destroying Jenny! Seth knows in his heart that Jenny needs him, and he does not give up on her. *swoon*Worldbuilding: This story opens up with a memory of Seth and his older brother, Carter. It’s a touching scene and really sets the tone for the book. Throughout this entire series, we’re presented with a group of individuals who are so much more than meets the eye. As old as time, they’ve lived throughout the human history, molding history like putty in their hands. In present day, these individuals all have serious choices to make: Do I continue down the path I’ve always walked, full of death, destruction and deceit, or do I carve out the new path that my heart yearns for?Lasting Impressions: I was quite entertained, horrified and engrossed in this series from page 1 of Jenny Pox. The author created dynamic, interesting characters, a world rich with mythology that spans back to the beginning of time, horrific scenes and touching moments. I connected with the characters, even the not-so-sweet ones, and I was invested in their safety and future from the very beginning. To me, this is what a good story is all about.Smashtastic Entertainment Scale: Wicked Enjoyable