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Perception (Clarity Series #2)

Perception - Kim Harrington Read this review at Smash Attack ReadsSmashtastic Entertainment Quickie:Another great installment into the fun, mysterious, spooky world of Clarity Fern!Interest in the book: I adored Clarity. I love the simple, snarky, to-the-point voice Kim Harrington has given Clarity. It is a lot fun to experience the world through Clare's eyes.Characters: Kim Harrington keeps Clare firmly nestled in her touristy Cape Cod town (though her mother comes quite close to changing this), but Clarity is anything but comfortable. Clare's world was turned upside down in Clarity, so she seems a bit more apprehensive and tentative in this book. However, her need to help others is as strong as ever, and she puts herself  out there. Being that her natural talents turned her into a town hero in book one, Clarity is experiencing some newly unwanted popularity. I think Clarity would rather stick pins in her eyes then be thrust into the limelight, but she handles it with outward grace, even though internally, she is a tsunami.Clare's relationship with her brother, Perry, is just beautiful. Perry has difficulty acclimating to life after his negative experiences in Clarity, and Clare is quite observant, catches on and wants to help him in any way she can. Perry isn't the easiest person to love during this tumultuous time in his life, but Clare puts on her big-girl panties and remains a solid foundation for her brother. ♥GABRIEL! OMG! I forgot how much I adore this guy. Clare is in quite the pickle trying to figure out if she wants to rekindle the relationship with her first love, Justin, or embark on new experiences with Gabriel. Gabriel always came across as more mature and invested, and it was easy to see that Justin and Clare definitely have some differences in who they are and what they want in this installment. Not to say that Justin is wrong for Clare. They have history, and certain events are brought to light that once tarnished their relationship. I have to say, I was impressed with the time and thought Clare put into her decision. She is definitely more mature and level-headed than your typical teenager.Lasting Impressions: The mystery in this book brought the spook factor, but it seemed a bit easier to piece together. I enjoyed Clare's internal struggles when she was dealing with the popular girls who once ridiculed her, and are now inviting her to parties and lunch gatherings. I also enjoyed Clare's compassionate attitude towards an outcast in school. She befriends this person with ease, though she constantly questions her friendly motives. All in all, a fine installment in the series.I enjoy this series because they are easy and quick to read, with likable, real characters and a fun, mysterious plots.Favorite Scene:"Welcome to Lorelei's." A saleslady glided up to us. She had white foundation pancaked skin, and went heavy on the eyeliner and red lipstick. She wore a corset that barely contained...I'm gonna say it...her swelling bosom. If she had to sneeze, I was covering my eyes because even a slight cough could pop one of those suckers free.