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Panty Raid @ Zombie High

Panty Raid @ Zombie High - Rusty Fischer Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsFor those who aren't in the know, Rusty Fischer is kinda funny. He takes the zombie genre and pokes fun at it, but keeps his stories interesting and entertaining as hell. I read Zombies Don't Cry and was greatly amused, especially be the mean, spineless, snarky asshat Zerkers. I received Panty Raid @ Zombie High from Rusty and completely forgot to review it for him. I'm a terrible book blogger, I know, but I am now highlighting it because it is worth reading.Toby, our geeky, awkward protagonist, is desperate to find his love interest best friend, Molly, who has gone missing. Toby and a group of teenagers set off to find Molly, whom they believe has been turned into a zombie and is now being rehabilitated at Zombie High. Toby is anything but brave, but has put on his big boy underoos to save his gal.Toby's internal monologue was insecure and funny, in only the way a teen boy's internal monologue can be. The group of misfits that tag along with him offer pure entertainment. Along with Toby and Spud, an annoying, weird little dude whose father runs the facility, are two jocks and their two bitches girlfriends. These morons tag along for what they believe will be a night of panty-raid partying. You see, they plan to snag a pair of electric undies that the zombies wear. Think cattle prod. Or that scene from Face-Off in the prison. You remember those wacky metal shoes that kept them glued in place on the metal floors? Yea, these panties remind me of those shoes. Anywho, those 4 idiots think they are visiting Zombie High for a panty raid because Toby hasn't been exactly honest with them. The resulting escapade through a facility that is nothing at all what they expected is full of laughs, spooks, gore and adventure.The book is totally campy, tongue-in-cheek, silly, *insert your favorite word here.* It is quick and easy, as any panty raid should be, and will totally take your mind off life for a few. Next time you need a pick-me-up, give this one a go. How can you go wrong with a panty raid?Quotes to prove my point"Well, they've never made it that far because they never took me along," Spud brags uncharacteristically, avoiding my penetrating glare as I give him major WTF face from ground level.Oh God, I think. This is becoming a really bad late-night Scream Channel B-movie, complete with dancing thugs and trampy skanks in mini-mini-skirts who lick soda off their fingers while zombies prowl the halls.I turn, inch even closer to Spud and hold my house key like a weapon.Don't hate. Mom saw it on 20/20 or something, and I've never had a chance to try it out until just now.My first fight is going to be with an eight-foot-tall living dead cage fighter with a thigh for a neck and a tree trunk for a thigh?