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The Ripple Effect (Rhiannon's Law, #3)

The Ripple Effect (Rhiannon's Law, #3) - J.A. Saare Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsInterest in Book: I'm a huge fan of this series and have really enjoyed the tumultuous, emotional and dangerous journey that Rhiannon has been on since page one of Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between. I'm pretty sold on this series and will follow Rhiannon through the end.World-Building: J.A. has created Rhiannon's world with such skill. It is chaotic and dangerous and scary, but it makes sense in terms of the story. I wasn't sure there would be anymore surprises left in terms of world-building, but Rhiannon really got herself in deep with some half-demon-vampires, and witnessing their lifestyle was horrendous. As Chelsea states in her review, nothing is ever easy in this series. No one gets by unscathed, emotionally and physically. The characters are given no reprieve. The book opens with a bang and the actions continue to escalate from there on out. The setting is dangerous and the villains are from your worst nightmare, full of venom, malevolence and completely devoid of mercy.Characters: Rhiannon continues to be a fierce character who refuses to lie down and play dead. Her internal strength is blinding, despite her nightmarish past. She has been physically training her body into shape, and continues to harness the powers of Marigold Vesta, a fallen angel she made a deal with in The Renfield Syndrome. Rhiannon is put through the ringer in this book, and so was I! I was an emotional mess after finishing this installment, and I'm seriously afraid for Rhiannon and Disco's future. She always seems to come out alive, but she and Disco have really gotten into a heaping pile of Hell and Demons this time!I'm a huge fan of Disco, though I was immediately reminded of his douchebaggery in The Renfield Syndrome. He was also a bit of a bastard in one of the scenes where his wishes became a bit forceful. I was angry and shouting at him, but it was apparent his desire and love and carnal appetite for Rhiannon were not going to go unheard. Thankfully he keeps his head on straight and really stands by her side in the end. He could have easily walked away and saved himself, but he is in it for the long, hellish haul. I personally think they make a great team. Also, the extent of Disco's true powers was astonishing!  Color me impressed. The revelation regarding Disco and his maker, Marius, was a bit unsettling, but I wonder if Marius will prove to be of use to Disco in the future.I enjoyed Paine SO much in this installment. Thinking about his character makes me sob. The emotion this character puts out is so palpable, and his strength, determination and courage is so admirable. Bane is a character that I hope gets more page time. His mysterious nature and motives are quite intriguing. I have a feeling he will play a role in Rhiannon's game of survival. And Marigold Vesta! Holy cannoli. I knew she possessed serious strength and power, not to mention sheer fury for her situation, but she surprised me. I think my mouth was hanging open during the entire scene where she and Rhiannon get a little too close for comfort. I think Rhiannon better stick to her side of the deal...Lasting Impressions: I was eating lunch one day while reading a scene involving half-demons and their idea of fun. I have a pretty strong stomach, but may I suggest refraining from food during the demon scenes? :) All in all, this is one dark, gritty and emotional ride for Rhiannon and gang. It is my favorite in the series so far, as I could not put it down and stayed awake into the night to finish it. I am eager to see where the story goes form here, but also extremely terrified to find out the fate of Rhiannon and Disco!Favorite Quote: "Stalking ins't cool unless you're an Edward."My mind was no longer functioning on a rational level. For fuck's sake, who needed rational when they boarded a train to insanity? All that was missing were the Oompa Loompas and Willy-fucking-Wonka.