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Siege: As the World Dies, Book Three

Siege (As The World Dies, #3) - Rhiannon Frater Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2012/04/siege-blog-tour-review-interview-giveaway/Smashtastic Entertainment QuickieThere are just no words to explain the culmination of a hellish, heart-breaking and HOPEFUL journey.Interest in the bookOf course I had to finish the series. Trust me, you will understand when you start The First Days...these characters creep their way into your heart and you have to endure their horrific journey alongside them, yearning for their safety and happiness. As Rhiannon has done with every book in this series, she grabs you by the throat with the opening scene, and your jaw is left hanging through much of the book.World-buildingFirstly, read this: World-Building, Rhiannon Frater-style. Welcome back. I have to say that Rhiannon really  infused this series with the heart, soul, good, bad and ugly of her community. I've never been to Texas, but from what I think I know about the state and its population, I really felt like I was there. The scenery, the people, the customs and mannerisms, it all fit my imaginary Texas. Aside from that, the zombie lore is just perfect. Rhiannon knows her zombies. :)CharactersOne thing is for certain, Rhiannon Frater knows how to build characters! It was evident at the end of The First Days that I was super attached to the fate of the characters, and I pretty much held my breath through Fighting to Survive as they struggled to build a new home and retain some semblance of humanity in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. I literally cried at multiple points in this book because the story unfortunately led to the demise of characters I did not want to let go. It was hard to swallow and I admit to hugging my husband close after a certain scene because I needed the comfort. I was that affected. I mean, even Jack the dog cried, people!I am a fan of the changing view-point in stories. While I appreciate one person's POV, I really appreciate the honor of knowing how many characters are feeling at certain moments, especially when emotions are high, zombies are loose, people start taking some pretty heroic action and lives are lost. Jenni and Katie, along with their fantastic mates, Juan and Travis, are incredible in their steadfastness, dedication, devotion, fierce passionate love for their family and friends. Ken, Lenore, Nerit, Kevin, Calhoun, Rune and countless others all touched my heart in some form or another. They all played an integral role as this growing group of survivors prepares to face their biggest threat yet. I admire them all something fierce.But I'm not kittens and rainbows about all the characters. Blanche + Paige = stab! stab! stab! That is all.Lasting ImpressionsThe anticipation and terror that follows you throughout this story is incredibly poignant. As I've said in the other reviews, I really felt like I was watching a movie! Rhiannon Frater brought the emotion, the intensity and sorrow, the laughter and love, the rebuilding and remembering, the pain and the tragedy, but at the end of it all, she brought the hope. She delivers big on the most basic of principles: humans need other humans. We are a social species and without the support and love of others, we will never thrive.Oh, and Flying Toaster FTW!Favorite SceneCalhoun rubbed his big nose and frowned. "Whose idea was it to blow up the gawddern fuel tanks?"Yours," Rune answered."Gawddammit! Why do people listen to me? I'm freaking nuts!""And that, sir, is why they listen to you," Rune said, laughing.