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Storm's Heart (Elder Races #2)

Storm's Heart (Elder Races #2) - Thea Harrison Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/09/storm-heart-thea-harrison-tiago-brings.htmlWow. Thea Harrison delivers again. And here I thought it didn’t get better than Dragos, but I might like Tiago a teeny bit more. Just a teeny. Tiago is an incredible character. As old as the skies, he’s a thunderbird whose been revered as a god a time or two in his long existence. He’s a sentinel for Dragos and a force of nature, literally. With a flap of his massive wings, he can send thunder bellowing from the sky. He’s stubborn as hell, doesn’t give Tricks breathing room and would readily rip a head off some shoulders at the drop of a hat if that head blurted a foul word Tricks’ way. Of course, this is also his draw. He is extremely head over heels crazy about her, which leads to serious protective tendencies. He is determined and supportive, if anything, so he comes up with a plan that will allow them to remain together, even after she takes her throne as the Dark Fae Queen. In the end, that man never lost faith in their union, and that is why he stole my heart!Niniane (aka Tricks) is my favorite character in the series so far. I like her even more than the boys. *gasp* She is full of spunk, passion, courage and honesty. Plus, she uses Hello Kitty Band Aids, drinks Bubble Gum flavored Vodka and says things like “My give-a-shit button's broken.” She truly is a woman I need to hang out with. Stat. As far as her relationship with Tiago goes, she doesn’t accept it as easily, and loses her shit a few times. This only ensures that Tiago will be right there, refusing to let her history, nerves and lack of confidence stand in her way. He holds up her so that her view is unclouded, and she is able to clearly see what she can accomplish with him by her side.I love the author’s masterful ability to go back and forth between two characters’ perspectives with ease. That isn’t an easy feat and she does it on the same page! Skill, people. She ensures that this romance has a slow build, and the frustration, fear and adoration is clearly palpable. She also gave us more beasties, like a medusa and djinn. All in all, I am way pleased.