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The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1)

The Body Finder (Body Finder, #1) - Kimberly Derting Read this review over at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/09/dark-ash-review-body-finder-by-kimberly.htmlThe Dark Ash's Review:Smash: The Body Finder...love the title. Macabre, gritty, to the point. :) Ashley: Duuuude, I got CHILLS just from the prologue... Right? Smash: The prologue was wicked. It set the scene for a very intense, creepy story! The entire book was eerie as hell...but before we get creeped out, let’s talk about puppies and rainbows! Or rather, Violet and Jay. :) Ashley: Oooh so you want to talk about sweet, sexy, dreamy... Jay?? Smash: Isn’t he fantastic? I met Kimberly Derting at a signing not long ago, and she gushed about Jay. I hadn’t yet read the book, but damn, she wrote herself an almost-perfect boy! Ashley: Totally agree, he was WICKED hot! *sigh* Smash: *daydreams* Ashley: Okay! Violet can sense the dead, sometimes it’s a smell, a color, or a taste in the back of her mouth... Smash: Yea, she describes them like a beacon -or an echo- and they help her hone in on the...remains... :( Ashley: These dead bodies don’t like TALK to her or anything though, they just send ‘signals’ to aid in her finding them! Smash: It’s her sixth sense, I guess. Not a sense I’d like to have. I think Violet feels the same way, at first... Ashley: Oooh! If you could have a sixth sense what would it be??? Smash: Does X-Ray vision count? I’d be quite happy seeing what’s underneath Jason Momoa or Joe Manganiello’s jeans. :) Oh wait, this is a YA book! Ashley: Ha! You=Made of WIN. People know us... we’re too overly (what's a word for not filtered?) Smash: um... Ashley:...honest for our own good! Smash: yes...honesty is the best policy. *angel face* Ashley: Okay... back to the review! What were we talking about? Whether Jay wears boxers or briefs? No? Smash: Sounds like you want my sixth sense too! Ashley: Dude, like I said- that idea is MADE of WIN! Smash: Holla! Ok, back to Jay’s briefs. Oh, I mean. Wait. Let’s get our thoughts in order. *deep breath* Ashley: *FOCUS* So Jay and Violet have been best friends for years. Smash: Practically since elementary school. They know the ins and outs of each other’s lives and are bosom buds til the end. Ashley: Only lately, Violet has been feeling much more than JUST friendly type feelings towards Jay. But so has damn near every other chick in school. Smash: Seems as though Jay has filled out them briefs over Summer break. *wiggles eyebrows* Ashley: You’re bad... I JUST got over the hot flashes from earlier. Now I must start the deep breathing ALL over again. #SmashFail ←- Yeah, I totally just rocked a hashtag in the middle of our review. Smash: #TwittaWhoreFTW. Ok. Back to the story. I’ll be good. *puppy dog eyes* Ashley: Uh huh... SURE! Okay! Violet is desperately trying to forget her new-found feelings for Jay, when Grady asks her to homecoming... and Jay gets ALL kinds of worked up about it! Smash: THAT was a clear indicator to us readers, but they are both still so oblivious. I wanted to smack their heads together sometimes! Ashley: Right? I’m pretty sure Jay KNEW he loved Violet, but Violet didn’t know he did! Smash: Ahhh...the insecurities of teenage love...glad that shit is over with. :D Ashley: Right? SO glad dating is over! Although... I still wouldn’t mind seeing Jay without pants on! *giggles* Smash: YOU! Don’t you go off on the deep end now, too. We need to stay focused. Chant after me...Jay is delicious in his briefs.. I mean, Violet has a wicked, cool, scary sixth sense! Ashley: UGH! Team ADHD... strikes again. Did we mention that Violet found a dead body at the lake? Or have we gotten there yet? Because several girls go missing and Violet makes it her personal mission to hunt the killer down. Smash: You see, Violet can not only sense the dead, but she can also sense the death imprints on the killers!!! Ashley: Yes! And every once in a few chapters we get a glimpse inside the killer’s perspective... Uuuum... it’s WICKED creepy! When the weird old guy grabs the girl and sticks her in his TRUNK, but whispers, “I promise not to hurt you.” I was thinking- WTF dude?!?! Smash: Yea, in case you were wondering, don’t ever trust a guy that stuffs you in his trunk. #justsayin. I agree about the scenes from the killer’s perspective. They were so creeptastic! I can definitely tell that the author loves scary movies/books. Ashley: Definitely. NEVER go willingly into some horrifyingly scary guy’s trunk. Not a good plan. So after, Violet decides to go looking for the killer... at least she called Jay first! Smash: Yea, and he’s pretty unhappy with her attempts at being a hero, but you can just feel the love he has for her permeating the pages. Ashley: Oh, I completely agree! They were absolutely ELECTRIFYING together... After Grady turns out to be the Worlds Biggest Jerk Face EVER (DOUCHEBAG!), ←- yeah, what she said! Jay rescues Violet from Grady, but another girl goes missing from the party they were both at! And now it feels wicked personal because it hits so close to home. Smash: As Violet becomes more wrapped up in the game of cat and mouse, she helps to uncover the killer but not without some serious close calls! Jay, of course, is sincerely concerned for her throughout and risks it all. *swoon* Ashley: I, for one, was wholly satisfied with the ending of the book... and the way everything wrapped up. I could not believe there was no cliffhanger- since they are so largely popular these days. Smash: I agree. Great story, great romance, great villain, great mystery. It was just great all around. :)Smash’s fav quote: “Sorry about that...I’ve been so worried about strange men following you around that I forgot how dangerous Homecoming Queens can be.” –Jay Ash’s fav quote: “I can’t lose you, not now that I finally have you.” ~Jay (during a wicked make-out session, if I’m re-calling correctly.) (oh, those make out sessions!) *SWOON*