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Werewolf Descent

Werewolf Descent - Elizabeth Jean Kolodziej Read this at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/07/blog-tour-werewolf-descent-by-elizabeth.htmlFaith, the Last Witch, is back with more spunk and courage than Vampyre Kisses. She was definitely more likeable in this installment. Zou Tai’s perspective is introduced in this book, and that made me extremely happy. He is my favorite character, along with Oran, who is just ridiculously awesome, and Mac. All the side characters in this series stand out way more than the main protags. Lilith, a mythological woman straight outta Jewish religious texts but whose mythology is completely different in this story, is a great addition to this book, as well.The prologue was very interesting, and it captured my interest right away. I love that the author weaved in some Greek Mythology. Kudos! I also enjoyed the introduction of psychic vampires, which was a wicked cool idea. Instead of feeding off blood, they feed off people’s aura. The action in Werewolf Descent was better than Vampyre Kisses, and we get to see Trent’s jealousy rear it’s ugly head. So many paranormal men in Faith’s life are drawn to her, and they aren’t afraid to let it be known.All in all, I definitely enjoyed Werewolf’s Descent more than Vampyre Kisses, I was more interested in this book. I still don’t think the romance is up to par with other paranormal romances, but the story is good nonetheless. I think the author’s writing has improved and her imagination was better portrayed. Multiple POVs are still a bit confusing but definitely better laid out.Oh, and there is a vampire club called Lyck. ;)