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Wicked Game

Wicked Game  - Jeri Smith-Ready Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/06/review-wicked-game-by-jeri-smith-ready.htmlThe thing that sold me on this book was the vampires. Yes, we’ve got a bazillion vampire books out there with all sorts of lore and history, but what other books can you name where the vampires remain mentally stuck in their era? (if there are other books, I’d like to know about them) These are some of the most original vampires I’ve come across, a far cry from Dracula and his kin. No, they can’t do daylight, but they also can’t do music from another decade.Yes, these vamps are DJs at WVMP and they each host a unique show catering to their era of expertise. They all have very unique personality styles and while you want to slap around a few of them, you really love them all by the end of the book.Ciara (pronounced Keer-ah) is the human hired to be WVMP’s new marketing manager, as the station is in dire straits. Her idea to save the radio station is comical and while the vampires are not opposed to the idea, they think Ciara is off her rocker. You see, Ciara is a former con-artist, and while she doesn’t practice that lifestyle anymore, she still possesses the skills, and she uses them to perfection. LOVE the author’s writing. Love, love, love it. She certainly knows how to engage the reader, her humor is perfect, and she creates some pretty likeable characters, as well. And her knowledge of music is ridiculous. I mean, ridiculous.