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Shimmer (Riley Bloom Series #2)

Shimmer - Alyson Noel Read my review of Radiance and Shimmer at Smash Attack Reads: http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/05/double-review-radiance-and-shimmer-by.htmlI quickly noticed a difference in my tolerance of Riley. She was definitely less whiny and a bit more spunky. I was still not enamored with her or the story, but I definitely enjoyed it more than Radiance. What I enjoyed mostly about this installment were the issues alluded to in the story. The author brings up tough issues, such as bullying and suicide. She writes these issues in a way that her young readers can easily connect to and be affected by.Trauma is a major theme in these books, as these stuck souls are severely disturbed by their deaths. Trauma is very subjective. What is traumatic to one person may seem pretty laughable to another, and as Rebecca’s situation shows us, it can stick with your forever. Once again, Riley gets sucked into the soul’s hellish existence, and I really enjoyed Riley’s POV of Rebecca’s life. Riley comes to the rescue with her unique form of therapy and through this, I saw much growth in her character. Forgiveness is another theme, and the author does a fantastic job of showing us how hard it is to forgive, but how much stress, anger and depression it lifts off your shoulders.We get a little more insight into Riley and Bodhi’s characters, as well as some more Buttercup love. Again, this is a great series for those young people who are just starting out with paranormal books.