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Vampyre Kisses (The Last Witch, #1)

Vampyre Kisses (The Last Witch, #1) - Elizabeth J. Kolodziej Smash Attack Reads: http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2011/03/review-vampyre-kisses-by-elizabeth-j.htmlLast October, I participated in the Blog Tour for Vampyre Kisses. I had not yet read the book but I’m happy to help promote new authors. The book definitely sparked my interest due to the Irish lore and well, Irish vampires, of course! Also, Salt Whip is a kick ass term for a witch killer. If Elizabeth came up with that one on her own, kudos!The characters are likeable in the story. Faith is so easy going and sweet. She stood up for others and did not want anyone getting hurt or killed over her. A compassionate, loving soul who took her new identity seriously. Morgan was a great character. One of the oldest vampires in the story, she is quite lethal, yet she was very motherly and protective of Faith. She was also the prophet for the ancient vampire god, Kane. Mega cool. Akilah was an interesting character and my favorite. He was charged with teaching new witches their craft. I loved his personality and how he didn’t put up with shit and pushed Faith. He reminded me of Pei Mei from Kill Bill. :) *snicker*One of the smaller but equally important characters, Oran, stole my heart. I won’t describe him because I would hate to ruin his awesomeness for you. I definitely loved that Elizabeth wrote him into the story as often as she did. I adored him. He is full of WIN.There are some things I did not particularly like about the book, however. The books switches POVs, which I have no problem with. However, one scene is seen through Faith’s eyes, and then we again see it through Trent’s eyes. This happened only once, in the beginning, and it felt odd. I was glad it wasn’t that way throughout. Sadly, I did not feel the connection between Faith and Trent. It all happened to quickly for me, and while this has occurred in other books, their romance just didn’t seem real. I enjoyed them together, but the whole “I love you” bit was odd and unnatural to me. I was also sad that Ireland didn’t come into play until the story is about 75% finished, and it is where the big showdown occurs, so not much of Ireland is seen or spoken about. *sniff* Sequel, maybe…?All in all, I enjoyed the story and the characters. The camaraderie amongst the characters was nice. The mixture of vampires, weres and witches was done well, and I enjoyed the adventure and struggles Faith and team experienced