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Shadowfever (Fever Series #5)

Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Check out this review, along with all of my favorite quotes, at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2011/03/review-shadowfever-by-karen-marie_03.htmlMy Thoughts (I did my best to be spoiler-free, but can’t say it’s a 100% guarantee! Ha. That rhymed!)I don’t think I’ve ever seen more variations in opinions on a book as I have with Shadowfever. I’ve seen everything from 1 star to 5 stars. I find this very intriguing, and it’s been really interesting reading other’s opinions on the final outcome of the Fever series.Due to the events at the end of Dreamfever, the beginning of Shadowfever is absolutely heartbreaking. Deep down I knew things would turn out differently, but Mac’s raw guilt, grief, and resulting rage, were palpable. It was a dark moment in the series, and all I could think of when Mac emerged from her dark cloud of doom was “she gonna fuck a bitch up, yo!” :)I enjoyed learning more history about the Unseelie King, his concubine, Cruce, etc. Mac’s journey in the Silvers, at the White Mansion, and all of those scenes were really interesting. I will say this, however, I didn’t really like the storyline that KMM threw into Mac’s questionable origin. I thought it was a bit predictable and kinda boring, really.As one of the few people who likes Dani’s character (it’s the social worker in me that yearns for a safe, secure and happy future for her), I was royally pissed off about the development in her relationship with Mac, and even more angry that there was no closure/resolution between the two. I felt the relationship between those two to be severely needed/appreciated on both ends. They both fill voids for the other. The ending left me sad and confused about their future, even though KMM threw a small snippet in there. I need resolution!We finally learn about Barrons in this book! I’m still unsure of WTF he is, but I’m glad we can quit questioning where he disappears to, why he is so intently seeking the Sinsar Dubh, why he’s so friggin vague with every word he speaks. My heart burned for him. Learning about the sole thing that drives all his actions was eye-opening and made so much sense. I now see him in a completely different light. His pain and ultimate decision made him so much more human. It was also nice to see his vulnerable side.I was shocked at the development in V’lane’s character and his role in the series. That one definitely took me by surprise. While I wasn’t on board with Mac’s maybe-origin, I was certainly surprised at who was revealed as an important character. I always wondered about that person. He was so vague in his responses to her, but I didn’t believe he would play a larger role.I think about 400 pages in, I finally started to thoroughly enjoy the book. However, the ending of the book was disappointing. I didn’t like the inaction that took place. The entire work of the series culminated into a bunch of characters bickering in a cell, being surprised by the true identities of some characters, and the book being way too easily contained. A tad boring. While some things irked me, story-wise, I still found the book to be loads of great. KMM is a fantastic storyteller, and the Fever series has become one of my favorites!