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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray EDIT: I wanted to update this review and state that I listened to it on audio. It was, hands down, the best audio book I've ever heard! I was told that Libba won an award, and she deserves a million of them. I HIGHLY recommend this book on aduio.Read this review at Smash Attack ReadsI knew this book was going to be amusing. The cover sorta leads to that assumption. What I did not expect, however, was the mockery and satire within the pages. This book is a breath of fresh air in a world so full of unattainable, ridiculous ideals, corporate pigs and malicious media asshats. The author pokes fun at the ludicrous parts of society in order to bring attention to just how ludicrous they are, and I’m hoping that the young women who have read this book "get it.”For us older, jaded, in-the-know folk, this book is hella funny and sad at the same time. I laughed at so many things in this book, but my mind immediately went to why it was so laughable, which is not very funny at all.Case in point:“Last but not least, let’s welcome Tiara Swan, Miss Mississippi. Fun fact about Tiara: She thought you could get pregnant from swimming with a guy.” Adina shook her head. “Oh my goodness! Don’t you just love abstinence program? So not helpful.”Amen for calling our abstinence-only sex education programs! I agree with Adina. They are quite worthless. I work with teens and let me tell you, they definitely know a lot more than you would ever imagine, but they are also severely misinformed about so much. Why we miss out on the perfect opportunity to give them proper information on a serious subject is beyond my comprehension. GLBT, Racism, Sexuality, Sexual Health, Mental Health, our absurd ideals on beauty, Corporate monsters, and so much more are mocked throughout the book, yet it really does make one think…and pisses one off, too.There were a ton of characters in the story, but we got to spend time with each contestant and get in her head, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some are more memorable than others, but they each brought an integral piece to the overall point of the book. Of course, landing on a deserted island can really challenge a girl’s beauty rituals. It was damn fantastic to see how their world view changes throughout the book. Amen.The set up of the book was fantastic. It opens with “A Word from your Sponsors” and it continues as though you are viewing a reality-tv-series-gone-seriously-wrong. I LOVED the author’s use of footnotes to explain her pop culture references. It was hysterical and I enjoyed figuring out the real-life person/product she was referring to. Oh, and serious Kudos to Libba, as I think there was a RENT reference in there. ♥And in case you were wondering, I am most definitely a Lost Girl...