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Darkfever (Fever, #1)

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning My ThoughtsFirstly, Jericho Barrons is such a smexy name! It goes quite well with this sophisticated, wealthy, mysterious man. He’s intelligent, extremely confident and dead sexy. His demeanor reminds me so much of Trent Kalamack from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison (which you should read!) Mac is a different type of heroine. In the beginning, I was a tad worried about her carrying that weight, but she did just fine! Her personality is great. What a fun, bubbly, sarcastic little spitfire she is. Being a proper Southern girl, she doesn’t like to cuss (at first), so she and her sister created words to use in lieu of. I found that hysterical.Crap was fudge-buckets. Ass was petunia. Shit was daisies and the f-word, which I can’t even recall the last time I used, was frog.Mac isn’t all rainbows and lip gloss, however. She packs some intelligence of her own and I enjoy some of her more thought-provoking moments.I love books, by the way, way more than movies. Movies tell you what to think. A good book lets you choose a few thoughts for yourself. Movies show you the pink house. A good book tells you there’s a pink house and lets you paint some of the finishing touches, maybe choose the roof style, park your own car out front.I was relieved that Mac’s disbelief about the paranormal was realistic. So many characters (mainly occurs in YA) take the newfound knowledge like it’s another day at the office. I really hate that reaction, even though these books are so not realistic. Mac takes time to gather her wits and face the truth about who she is and what she must do to protect mankind. It’s a lot for a 22 year old to take on, but she (wo)man’s up.I loved Mac and Barron’s odd relationship, as it presented many laughable moments. He was an ass to her throughout the book and loved to apply the dumb blonde stereotype. At the same time, he showed respect by referring to her as Ms. Lane.“Woman, you are a thousand kinds if fool.”"You, Ms. Lane, are a menace to others! A walking, talking catastrophe in pink!"However, you get a peak at his tender side a few times when he surprises you with his actions. I look forward to more development between these two, as I assume it becomes quite heated.Some of the more humorous scenes involved Mac and V’lane. Every time Mac is around V’lane, she loses clothing and finds her hands down her panties. In the middle of the street, or a packed museum. Anywhere. Granted, V’lane is a one of those Death-By-Sex Fae and humans lose all control around him…Even now, my back was still arched with sensual invitation, my bottom was questing up like a cat in heat, and my every move was supple, sinuous. I was one great big come-hither.The author did a great job at world building and you learn quite a lot about the Fae, other paranormal creatures, and the fate of the world. I think it’s fair to say that I have the Fever! Lucky for me, the final book in the series, Shadowfever, releases this month, so I don’t have to wait to read them all (although I may not be able to read them immediately anyway).