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Dreamfever (Fever Series #4)

Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning HOLY SHIT! This was one HELL of a book from start to finish. As always, I love how the books pick up immediately where the last left off. KMM is a great story teller. :)Dani had to take over at the beginning of this book because Mac was indisposed. I enjoy Dani’s character and really loved her chaotic, spastic thoughts. She still think she is the best thing to happen to mankind, but her naivety doesn’t bother me. She is only 13, and invincibility is a hallmark of adolescence. Don’t you remember?The events at the end of Faefever left Mac in a serious heap of trouble, and Barrons comes to her rescue. Big time. When Mac comes out of her haze, she is pissed. off. royally. She comes back to reality, greeted by some mind-numbing events that took place while she was off in la-la land (or Hell, depends on who you ask). One complaint I have regarding Mac in this book is how easily she moves forward. I know the atrocities that occurred to her at the end of Faefever are still with her, but it would’ve been a bit more interesting and realistic if she would’ve exhibited some Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms, or something. However, I know there is no time for Mac to cry in her beer, so she shoves that hellish experience to the back of her mind and focuses on laying the smack down. She has come a long way from Mac 1.0. No longer do we see a flirty, fun Mac sporting short skirts and hot pink toe nails. We are now presented with Mac 5.0, one that has endured much trauma, torture and grief, and she is fed up with waiting to seek her revenge.I really enjoyed the time Mac spent with Christian. Will we see him again? And Mac meets an old woman who claims to have knowledge about Mac’s family. Mac is very interested in what this old woman has to say, and we learn some intriguing things about Mac’s heritage. Who is she? Her true background has become more and more intriguing with each book!Ryodan was so mysterious and confusing in this book. I’ve always wondered who he is and what his role is in this series, but he literally lost me with his rambles to Mac about the elusive, evil Book. And what the HELL is under Barron’s garage? Oh wait. We meet…it. At the end. :(That cliffhanger was ugly, wrong and torturous. I seriously feel for all of you that had to wait to read Shadowfever! While cliffhangers make us want to throw the books up against the wall, in the garbage disposal, or the toilet, I still think they are genius writing.My Favorite Quotes (Note: These quotes WILL spoil!)He sprawls on the bed, arms folded behind his head, a mountain of dark muscle and tattoos against crimson silk sheets, watching me as I dance naked around the room. His gaze is carnal, hot, and I know my dancing pleases him greatly.This is probably one of the HOTTEST scenes written. Ever.“Open your eyes and say my name.”I squeeze them shut more tightly.“It would make my cock hard to hear you say my name.”My eyes pop open. “Jericho Barrons,” I say sweetly.He makes a pained sound. “Bloody hell, woman, I think a part of me wants to keep you this way.”I touch his face. “I like how I am. I like how you are, too. When you are…What is that word you used? Cooperating.”“Tell me to fuck you.”I smile and comply. We’re back in territory I understand.“You didn’t say my name. Say my name when you tell me to fuck you.”“Fuck me, Jerricho Barrons.”“From now on, you will call me Jericho Barrons every time you speak to me.*melt*Strengths wasn’t about being able to do everything alone. Strength was about knowing when to ask for help and not being too proud to do it.“What do you have down there, Barrons?” My question was nearly drowned out by another swell of hopeless, anguished baying. It made me want to run. It made me want to weep.“The only was that could ever possibly be any of your business is if it was a book, and one that we need, and it’s not, so fuck off.”