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Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1)

Bite Me (Demon Underground, #1) - Parker Blue Val Shapiro is part succubus demon, part human, and loves using her bad ass skills to hunt down and kill blood suckers. She just turned 18 and was swiftly kicked to the curb by her mother and step-father because she brings to much chaos to the party. They’re worried about Val’s lifestyle rubbing off on her younger sister. Can I just state what asshats her parents are? Her mother couldn’t handle Val’s succubus side, mainly because she was pissed at herself for being seduced by Val’s incubus father. It was a good lesson about how ignorance breeds fear.Val is beyond hurt but uses that anger to kick some arse. While out on the hunt, she runs into a dog who eerily seems to understand her. Well, that’s because he does. Meet Fang. Half Hellhound. Half Pooch. 100% Awesome. All around snarky, which is why he’s definitely my favorite character in the book. Val and Fang become a team of win as the pair up to bring down the night.Val is nothing short of feisty and independent, which is why I like her so much. She is not a fan of her succubus side, which she refers to as Lola, and does her best to keep that part of her packed tightly away. However, when she meets Dan, a P.O. on the supernatural crime unit and becomes his new partner, Lola perks up. These two have a rough journey ahead as they battle creatures of the night together, as well as their feelings for each other. Conflict occurs between them but the continue to work together because they make a good team.The rest of the book is a mysterious, dangerous romp through the city as Val, Dan and Fang try to figure out what vampires are behind the sudden increase in human deaths and if the local all-about-peace coven can be trusted. Character development was pretty superficial and the story moved too quickly to really connect with anyone. However, the characters, snark and mystery kept me interested. Fun read. :)