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Pale Demon (The Hollows, #9)

Pale Demon (The Hollows, #9) - Kim Harrison Check out this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2011/02/arc-review-pale-demon-by-kim-harrison.htmlI could NOT believe my eyes when I saw Pale Demon available on NetGalley! I requested it, and I believe it took about 3 weeks for the approval to come through. Definitely not a quick response like a lot of the other requests, but it came…oh yea! I’m a major, major fan of The Hollows series. I believe it has become one of the best series in the Urban Fantasy genre, and Pale Demon did not disappoint.The story starts off with a bang, as Rachel, Trent and Jenks are attacked in Rachel’s backyard! Yes, I said Rachel and Trent. You know those two can’t remain apart for very long, even though Rachel trusts him as far as she can throw him. After the attackers are obtained, *insert Ivy chasing them down on her motorcycle here,* Trent requests Rachel’s assistance as he treks across the country on a secret quest. As you can imagine, Rachel tells him to shove it. You see, Rachel has to make the trek herself to get her shunning removed at the annual witch convention, but she prefers to fly. Ha. Too bad she isn’t allowed to step her black-magic ass on a plane. Trent always wins!Rachel, Trent, Ivy, Jenks, Pierce and Vivian. Together. In one car. For days. What a hysterical band of misfits to make a road trip across the country, all the while being chased by Elven assassins and day-walking demons! The time spent in the car allowed us some interesting insight into Rachel’s perception of her trip mates. I definitely enjoyed the banter between everyone as they slowly annoyed the shit out of one another. Jenks surprisingly becomes a major fan of Trent, seeing how much he loathed him in the past.Speaking of Trent…wow! I obviously won’t give away any details, but you just wait! We learn some very interesting shit about Trenton Aloysius Kalamack and actually get to see him do some magic! Trent finds himself outside of his element and we get a glimpse of his vulnerable side, and it’s beautiful. Of course, he doesn’t let it last long and we are quickly reunited with the cocky bad boy. I haven’t really been on the “I lust for Trent” train in the past…maybe hanging off the railing, or in the caboose. But I’ve moved up to mid-cabin now. He was very sexy in this book.Rachel and Trent’s relationship evolves in heaps and bounds in this book. We get to see Rachel lust after him, then quickly ask herself what the hell she is doing! They come to a firm understanding and appreciation at the end of the book, and their evolving relationship is proving to be quite interesting, indeed. Rachel and Bis’s relationship also develops and becomes much more intense. And Rachel and Pierce…well, I’ll leave that for you to discover.Al had a large role in this book, and my, how glorious it was! Remember when he and Rachel first met in the Library’s Restricted section? Remember how he tried to rip her to pieces? I remember that scene vividly and to see where they are now is SO absurd, but I love the two of them as a team. I love Al. He’s one of the best villains, ever. Period. And definitely one of my favorite character’s in the series. We get a hellish dose of demons and Ever-After in this book. We meet new demons, and are reunited with old pals. Newt still freaks me out, and when she’s nice, it only makes the freak factor higher! She makes my skin crawl. We also get to see some demon abilities at play, and all I can say is I hope we get more time in the Ever-After in the next books! Fun times, people!There are some damn tear jerker moments, too. Rachel flips out when she thinks she’s lost Jenks, and hauls the group through the desert to save him. Those moments were so intense. I could actually feel Rachel’s desperation. Seriously, my feelings were right there with her. I will cry my ass off the day we lose that pixie. There is also a very intense, heart-wrenching moment between Rachel and Ivy, but it is very odd. I’m not sure I understood the communication between them. *shrugs*All in all, Rachel never ceases to amaze me with her bravery, selflessness, compassion and loyalty to those she loves. She digs herself deep holes to climb out of but she always owns up to her mistakes. Her moral code run deep and she is so admirable for sticking to her beliefs and not faltering even though she is surrounded by deception and mayhem at every turn. SHE IS SO FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!