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Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan, Book 8)

Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison Why can't I choose more than 5 stars? Seriously. This was my favorite book of the series, thus far. Or maybe it just seems like my favorite because of my sincere disappointment in WWBC. The first 100 pages were a friggin whirlwind of action, and it doesn't ever slow down. There were great highs and serious lows in this book, and it made for an all around fantastic journey. I couldn't have asked for better Al scenes, and I am LOVING the relationship between he and Rachel. Al is a sneaky, devious demon though, and I think he is cooling his heels until the right opportunity comes for him to claim Rachel completely. Jenks had some great lines, as always. I must say that I didn't mind too much that Ivy wasn't as present in the book. I like Ivy, and think her relationship with Rachel is important, as is her involvement in Vampiric Charms, but I've been eh lately about her. I do look forward to the budding romance she has going with a certain character though. I was glad to see Rachel try and move past Kisten in this book. His memory still haunts her (and me!) and she deserves to be happy. I really enjoy Rachel/Pierce. Hope it continues to become something significant. I really like Pierce, and I do find him sincere in his use of black magic. I hope I'm right about him! I am also VERY intrigued by the Rachel/Trent interaction at the end of the book. I could go on...