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Incarceron (Incarceron Series #1)

Incarceron (Incarceron Series #1) - Check out this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/12/book-review-incarceron-by-catherine.htmlMy ThoughtsI was really excited to read this book as the premise reminds me of a very cool Sci-Fi movie, The Cube. Of course, Incarceron takes the idea of a ‘never-ending’ prison much further and adds some fantastical elements to the plot, all the while questioning human nature. The book opens with a bang, and I will admit to being lost in the chaos. At first, it was very confusing jumping back and forth between the two main character’s lives. Once I became more familiar with the world, the switching became easier, and the need for it is essential to the story. It took about 200 pages for me to become extremely interested in the book, and a certain turn of events hooked me.Setting up the world for this book was intense, as Incarceron is an intense place. I am still a tad confused about some elements and rules of this world, and it was exhausting trying to piece it together. However, other readers seemed to fare just fine. Incarceron was originally set up as a social experiment. Deviants of society were locked away and provided with the best education, environment, opportunities. In short, they hoped to create Paradise. Utopia, anyone? Think again. Human nature reared its ugly head and Incarceron soon became a living hell, full of greed, violence, dishonesty and wrath. The funny thing is, the Outsiders still believed Incarceron to be a place of bliss, until Claudia stumbles upon the ugly truth.I immediately liked Claudia because of her disdain for the rules, even though her father is the Warden of Incarceron. Oh, what a menacing character he was too! You quickly became aware that the Warden did not play games. Jared is Claudia’s faithful tutor/inventor and bends rules to assist Claudia in discovering the truth. Finn was an interesting character, full of hope and determination to reach Outside, and flee the grasps of Incarceron. I loved Attia, a young girl who becomes quite loyal to Finn after he saves her life. She is fierce and courageous and stands up to anyone. I absolutely loved that something non-human was the antagonist of the story. Incarceron is a very creepy, spiteful presence who is determined to keep its inhabitants securely locked away. For me, Incarceron was the most interesting character.I enjoyed the little quotes at the beginning of each chapter, taken from various texts, letters, etc. from the world. It brought an extra bit of information about the world that we wouldn’t otherwise get from the story. The ending of the book is a great seque into Sapphique, which I thoroughly look forward to reading.My Favorite Quotes"Only the man who has known freedom can define his prison.""Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man You think you know.