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Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3)

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson Series #3) - Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/12/book-review-iron-kissed-by-patricia.htmlMy ThoughtsThis book was fantastic! Many said it was their favorite in the series, and I have to agree that out of the first 3, this one takes the win. We get a very big dose of fae mythology in this book, and it was great fun to learn more about them and their society. Mercy owes the fae a favor, and it’s called in via her mentor and friend, Zee. Zee needs Mercy to use her nose to help him figure out who is killing fae on the reservation. Unfortunately, someone gets to the murderer before Zee, and Zee takes the fall. Now, we all know Mercy isn’t going to sit around and let Zee rot for a crime he didn’t commit. She is all about ethics, and I love her for that. So needless to say, she ends up ass deep in fae politics and has quite the adventure.Mercy’s personal dilemma (which looks very much like 2 adult Alpha males) comes closing in on her and it starts to look as though she will need to make a decision between Samuel and Adam --- before heads roll. Mercy isn’t so keen on giving up her independence, however, and it is something she feels is likely to get kicked to the curb in a relationship with either of the dominant males. However, a revelation occurs between Samuel and Mercy, and things start to click…I love the title. It is the perfect description for fae that can work with iron. I don’t know if it’s been used before, but it’s brilliant. While I did think the foe in this book was quite obvious, it didn’t detract from the story. The mystery that Mercy had to uncover was quite interesting and entertaining, as well.My Favorite QuotesA second floor window opened, and Kyle stuck his head and shoulders out so he could look down at us. “If you two are finished playing Cowboy and Indian out there, some of us would like to get their beauty sleep.”I looked at Warren. “You heard ‘um Kemo Sabe. Me go to my little wigwam and get ‘um shut-eye.”“How come you always get to play the Indian?” whined Warren, deadpan.“Cause she’s the Indian, white boy,” said Kyle. The warmth of his body shouldn’t have felt good. He was angry and every muscle was tense. It was like being leaned on by a very heavy, warm brick. A sexy brick."Some people are like Slinkies. They aren't really good for anything, but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs."