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The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld Series #4)

The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter I wasn't attached to Sabin in prior books, but I am certainly happy to have read his story. I absolutely loved that he taught Gwen how to fight and defend herself, as well as control her Harpy. Seriously? With a Harpy on your team (or 4!), you are bound to win! I loved Gwen. She had her own doubts and fears about herself as a Harpy, so she was a perfect match for Doubt. Plus, he was scared of her, it seems, which takes a different turn than the past demons, who also fell in love with their inhabitant's ladies. The interactions between Sabin and Gwen are HOTTT! All i can say is: FOREST! :) Against all odds, they fall madly in love and Gwen proves to Sabin, and her sisters, that she is worthy. Next to Anya, Gwen is another fav of mine! That twist of Gwen's lineage is interesting and I don't blame her for acting as she did in the end. Hopefully though, she can suck it up next time and do some serious damage!I love where the series is going and I was excited to read more about other Lords. Torin and Cameo's interesting relationship wasn't a surprise, but Torin's personality made my jaw drop. That first scene with he and Cameo was sizzling, and he reminded me SO much of Vishous from Black Dagger Brotherhood! (I've always thought JR Ward and Gena should team up!). I think someone told me that Paris' story was going to be the last, which is really sad to hear, because it means he will suffer that much longer. I am routing for him! Gideon, not a fav of mine because of Lies, was actually really interesting to read about. I am very intrigued for his story now.And now, it is time to read Aeron's story, the one I've been waiting for. Woot!