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Rage Within (Dark Inside)

Rage Within - Jeyn Roberts Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsInterest in Book: Dark Inside was like crack. I could not tear my eyes away from the devastation and horror that the characters were surrounded by. Their hope and perseverance was just as addicting. I had to know where their bleak lives would lead. Into the mouth of Hell, no doubt. But I had faith, I tell you!World-Building: The story opens 3 weeks prior to the end of days events in Dark Inside. We get glimpses into what was happening into the character's liver prior, and it appears that they were all experiencing signs that the end was near. When present day is back in focus, we learn that it is 3 months after the earthquakes.  The four main characters from Dark Inside are now banded together along with various others. They have been surviving in a large home by gathering food, staying off the "Baggars" radar and trying to figure out what has happened to the world. They all face death head-on as they use their love and compassion for humanity to save people who have not been overtaken by evil. Unfortunately for them, evil is a sneaky bastard.Characters: More perspectives are introduced into the foray and I loved that Daniel's was one of them. As suspected, this character really surprised me, especially at the end of the story. He is quite the special one, and I am looking forward to where his internal struggles take him in the next book. Clementine and Michael begin searching the university's campus for her brother, Heath, and stumble upon a survivor camp. The whole set-up appeared very cult-like but they did befriend, Raj, who brought smiles and humor to the pages. Aries is sneaking out at night to meet Daniel, who remains mysterious and refuses to live with the lot of them. Mason was quite the surprise in this book, and I believe he had the most personal growth. He steps up his game and really puts his ass on the line for the team, even though he constantly second guesses which team he is on.Lasting Impressions: Lots of surprises, heartache and some triumphs occur in this exciting and treacherous sequel. I have not been so excited to read a series of books in some time and I am so upset that I have to wait for numerous months for the next one. We get a lot of emotion and action on both ends of the good vs. bad scale. I am seriously nervous for what lay in store for these characters!