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Isolation (Partials Sequence #0.5)

Isolation (Partials Sequence #0.5) - Dan Wells Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsHeron’s story was super interesting. We get background on why and how the Partials were created. I really enjoyed experiencing a Partial’s “birth” from their perspective, as well as the social, emotional and physical developmental processes. It was pretty fascinating and well-written. Heron had issues with being “different” from her counterparts because she was a special Partial, who would be sent on a special mission. However, she was developed with no empathy and that becomes a huge factor in her later espionage mission.The book switched between these ‘first’ moments for Heron to her actual mission, which was pretty intense. The entire time we are with her during this mission, her group is under attack. She is only seconds ahead of the Partial army’s next move, desperately trying to prepare for them to infiltrate due to her espionage setup. We get to see Heron in serious action, and she has to make some heavy decisions. For a Partial, this scenario is all too interesting and eerie.All in all, I truly enjoyed the journey into the mind of a Partial, especially one of Heron’s caliber. Her situation, decisions and physical capabilities were truly incredible to experience! I definitely suggest this short for any fan of the Partials series!