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Detention of the Living Dead

Detention of the Living Dead - Rusty Fischer Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsInterest in Book: It's Rusty Fischer writing zombies! That's always an entertaining combination. I will admit that this was not my favorite Rusty book, mainly due to lack of character connections on my part, but it was entertaining and full of his fun phrasing. His books always make me smile! Emotion = Win.My Thoughts: The world-building was simple yet fun. A strange bunch of kids in detention get turned into zombies. Some can think, others...not so much. They retain their personalities but are entertainingly different. Their entire school is wiped out, when a SWAT-like team shows up on the scene. Next thing you know, this group of misfit brain connoisseurs has a new teacher. Who asks them to read.  Yea...what? Things just get more zany from there on out!Rusty handed out the gore in this book, but it was gore in a fun way. Yes, there is such a thing. Why? Because I said so.And then suddenly it's bedlam: blood is spurting out of jugular veins left and right and splattering the walls like in one of those forensic mysteries shows Dad watches late at night on Gavel TV and suddenly everybody is biting everybody else. It's kind of like a big pillow fight - with teeth.See? Fun gore. Win.The characters are where I had issues with the book. I could not connect to them and was not really invested in their outcome. They did have some redeemable qualities, however, and I enjoyed their banter back and forth with one another, too. There's always drama when teenage zombies congregate. The  Teenage Zombie Drama Queen crown goes to...I highlighted half the book. Seriously. You should see my Kindle. There are endless amounts of quotes that I highlighted because the Rusty's phrasing is just so fun and entertaining. THAT is why I love his stories. He is witty and funny and full of one-liners. I've yet to be disappointed with his creativity and zany imagination.Favorite Quotes:In a voice as detached as his purposeful footsteps, Proctor says, "Zombies don't cry," simply, with no further explanation.I loved this plug at his book, Zombies Don't Cry, which you should definitely read!The the one who's been chuckling looks at me and says, "It's a shame, this one. She doesn't seem angry like the rest we bring in here." And oh, do I want to correct him and say, like the rest we brought in here, moron, brought in here...I totally thought of Amanda and Isa, who I hope never become zombies, but if they do, I know they will be slinging grammar tips like the pros they are!(Okay, okay, so maybe it's four-hundred-percent wishful thinking, but, hey, a girl can dream, can't she? Even if she's waterlogged and underwater and sitting on a slimy rock that's putting barnacle-shaped dimples in her rump?)Shoot, she could definitely do worse. The movies I watched growing up, every zombie I ever saw looked like utter crap. But these two, they could definitely pose for the Aber-zoombie and Fitch catalog, if you know what I'm saying.