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Release (The Protector, #3)

Release (The Protector, #3) - M.R. Merrick SMASHTASTIC IMPRESSIONS:I went into this book thinking it was the final book, but that was obviously not the case. We get one more! Of course, this means I now must wait to KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Ugh. THE ENDING! Oh, the ending will leave you so verrah sad. I was anticipating the event and was extremely touched. I was at lunch in a restaurant, and started getting sobby at the table. Alone. Reading a book. Creepy cat lady? NOT ME! I’m creepy book lady! Oh wait. I’m creepy cat lady too. Boo. Anywho, the ending is a tear-jerker and the events leave you wanting sheer revenge, just like Chase!WORLD-BUILDING: Holy. Frakin. Hell. Blown away, truly. I think I was most impressed with the settings of the different dimensions that are visited in this installment. The settings defied all logic yet Matt somehow made it all make sense. It was sometimes difficult to follow but I think my mouth was open most of the time by the sheer imagination that went into their creation. AND the action that took place while in these dangerous dimensions was just sheer awesome! Talk about a page-flipper! The creatures were also extremely imaginative and so vivid that I had no issues visualizing them.CHARACTERS: Oh man, how I love these characters! Grams was a hoot in this installment. That old bat is spicy and doesn’t let the young folk walk all over her. Her banter with the group was so amusing. And we get more Rai time, which is just fine with me. I love this creature! One of my favorite creature sidekicks in a series. She reminds me of some sort of Pokemon with how she morphs into a fiercer form of her self. She is very protective of Chase and saves his ass a few times. Just adore her! ♥ Tiki remains wise and compassionate about the plight of others, even if they are less than savory. I love how fair he is, even though I felt like bitch slapping a few people. Or maybe trout slapping is more appropriate? We get to see Tiki’s demon come out, which was o.O-inducing!Willy and Chase have some heart-warming talks about their friendship and how they are prepared to fight until the end. Their bond is so beautiful! I loved Willy’s positive traits being pointed out in this book. He’s such a great guy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, we have Vincent. I have never been a fan of Vincent and while he shows some sort of humanity and compassion in this installment, his former actions towards some characters left me really angry and disgusted. Shady bastard is the term that comes to mind. Chase and Vincent are at odds throughout the entire book, but damn if Chase doesn’t man up and help out where he is needed.Of course, Chase is a standout, as he should be. This guy has changed drastically since Exiled, but he still holds on to some self-doubt and continues to feel guilt over all the events that have and will occur. He has surely matured, however, and uses his new-found confidence to stand up to some serious threats. He is the Protector, after all, and would definitely die saving the innocent. I hope it doesn’t come to that, or Matty boy will have some serious hate mail. And maybe a flaming bag of poo on his doorstep…I kid, of course. *shifty eyes*Rayna and Chase have come a long way in their relationship. There are constant obstacles in the way of their happiness, but damn if they don’t fight for their right to experience love. They make me feel mushy and I so badly want this to work out for them!FAVORITE QUOTES ”Wonderful,” I said. “We have Vincent, the day-walking vampire. Blade would be so proud. Can we go now?”MAD PROPS FOR A BLADE REFERENCE!