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The Witch's Curse (Legend of the Dreamer, #1.1)

The Witch's Curse (Legend of the Dreamer, #1.1) - David     James Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsI am happy that David James decided to write Magda’s story. She is a very interesting character in Light of the Moon, and I was not expecting to get any background on her. I’m glad that I did, and it really added to the richness of her character. She is definitely a character that you won’t soon forget, and her personal story is one that will stay with you. This was a tough story. It was emotional and very personal and reminded me of the tough choices many people have to make on a daily basis. Choosing between love and destiny is one topic that really stands out in books, for me. How much will people fight for who they love? How far will they take it? Who will give in to fate and who will walk through fire and hell for love? Of course, this topic ties in heavily to the series, as a whole.I read this short very quickly while on a cardio machine. It affected me at some parts, and was a bit difficult to get through while breathing heavily. I couldn’t stop, however, and let the emotion take me away. Hey, it helped me forget about the HELL that is cardio, so YAY for that. David James is a fabulous writer. I truly enjoy his prose and descriptive ways of weaving a story together. I think he has this beautiful, rich quality to his writing and I love his lyrical style.