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The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater,  Kody Boye Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsI adored this book. The minute that I met Christy and Adam, I wanted to be the third wheel. I adored their personalities, and more importantly, their mutual love and support. I think it’s rare to find people who are so dedicated to another person in the way that these two friends were dedicated to each other. So epic, this friendship. The excerpt below shows a preliminary glimpse into their everlasting bond. All of the characters leapt off the pages and into my life. They were SO engaging and entertaining, that I found myself wanting to read the book at any free moment just so I could be in their presence.Firstly, we have Christy with her unwavering loyalty, disappointment in her slowly but surely emerging witch abilities, and her good-natured soul. She rocked an Evil Alice costume for Halloween, which made me SQUEE. Twinsies! Then there is her bestie, Adam, with his gentle soul, bruised self-esteem, and yearning for love. Christy’s parents were damn memorable with their uncanny ability to be there when they were needed most. Chrsity’s dad was a riot. I would be his daughter any day, just so he can glamour himself into wicked hilarious costumes when he comes to save my ass from evil. Adam’s mother, Ashley, was so entertaining. She really reminded me of a character in Frater’s As The World Dies series. This character is also similar to a certain real-life Ashley that I adore hardcore. Turns out, the character in this book was indeed modeled after The Bookish Brunette, and it was totally her. Right down to the stiletto fetish and energetic personality. So much win.Then we have the friends. Olivia, a town noob, falls in step with the outcast duo and ends up being a seriously entertaining piece of the puzzle. Panda bears FTW! Drifter, a mutual friend, was in the background for the most part, but he was someone I respected because of his ability to fit in with any crowd. He was liked by all cliques and was able to remain neutral and level-headed. I like people that can be friends with all types of people. Next up is Mark, who was dreamy and all the things you would ever want in a man, but be careful what you wish for! Nathan came about near the end of the book, but he had such a strong presence and I want MOAR. And lastly, I cannot forget the star of the book, for me: Callie the cat. Have no fear, this feline truly has a personality larger than any human I’ve ever met. I adored her protectiveness, sassiness and down-right boldness. Cats = ♥.The mystery behind a certain character was REALLY fun and had my noodle working. I loved trying to figure out just WHAT this character really was. I picked up on the subtle hints but I was still perplexed because nothing quite fit. And there was a seriously scary scene thrown in there, and I don’t think I breathed until it was over. I was totally wrapped up in the moment, wishing I could turn myself invisible so that creature would not eat me! Also, there were some great pop culture references in this book that had me giggling profusely. Hocus Pocus was mentioned. Win!Ok, I’m done rambling. Sorry for the incoherent run-on sentences. Did I like this book? That much is obvious. It was truly fun and entertaining, and that is exactly what I look for in a book.Favorite Quote ”Whatever! I still think you should’ve been planning your party!”“With who? Me, my two friends and a cat?”“Callie? Sure! Why not? She’s a party animal from what you told me.”“I said she’s was a slut, Mom. She’s always in heat.”“Scandalous!”