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Twice Tempted (Night Prince Series #2)

Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost

Smash: I think Vlad is feeling a bit shunned by us at the moment.

Mel: This is what the third time we rescheduled? Poor, poor Vlad.

Smash: Thankfully, we know how to properly love and obsess over the man.

Mel: There will be gushing. Lots of gushing.

Smash: I think this book opened up on such a somber note. I felt horrible for Leila!

Mel: Not me. I was thinking “Take that,bitch! He’s Mine!!!”

Smash: Word. Don’t fuck with Mel and her hot Romanian, peeps.

Mel: Actually I did feel quite bad for her. After all it’s frakkin Vlad. Who would want to lose all dat, yo?

Smash: Haaaaa. Not I. I was absolutely not ok with the separation in the beginning. All that BS that happened in the beginning was THE SUCK.

Mel: I totally agree with that. I kept thinking where the hell is Vlad and why am I stuck with Maximus?!

Smash: LMAO! Poor Maximus. What a dumb ass.

Mel: Seriously though. Who in their right mind would try to take a girl from Vlad? Crazy!

Smash: Dear Old Max lost his ancient marbles there for a bit. Unlucky for him, Vlad didn’t really mean to separate from Leila permanently. Oopsie.

Mel: I was much happier when that got back on track.

Smash: I think Leila’s misinterpretation of Vlad’s proposal was very logical. He doesn’t think like normal people.

Mel: Vlad and normal are two words I would definitely not put together.

Smash: After all the hullabaloo, I was happy they got back on the same page too. Until Cynthiana steps on the scene.

Mel: She can totally suck it.

Smash: Talk about Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman’s Scorn!

Mel: She takes it to a whole new level of crazy though.

Smash: Holy subway tunnel, Batman! Who let the rats out!!

Mel: That was hella cool as gross as it was. I was thinking where’s Raphael the Rat King from Anita when you need him.

Smash: LOL. Damn. Cynthiana had some serious magic tricks up her sleeve. Leila was so hanging on a thin thread. Thank goodness she and Vlad make a good team, even though they are so damn hard-headed sometime.

Mel: Two words I picked out of that sentence were Vlad and hard!

Smash: I almost spit out my water!

Mel: Glad I could be of service. I do aim to entertain.

Smash: Now I’m thinking of choking and Vlad, and not his hands around my neck either. Damn you, Mel! [You did not see this! It’s all in your head.]

Mel: Why, Smash, you are a dirty, dirty girl! Me likey!!!

Smash: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ok. Images are floating around my head now, but back to biz!

Mel: I’ll try to behave.

Smash: I like how much we get to see Vlad’s nickname come to life in this book. Well, I can’t say I enjoyed it or anything, but it made for serious friction between Vlad and Leila.

Mel: I thoroughly enjoyed that as well. He wears that name like a badge of honor. I was thrilled to see more flashbacks of him this go round. Especially in his weapons room.

Smash: Those flashbacks were so awesome. It helps you understand him a little more with each one.

Mel: The thing about Leila that broke my heart (well for Vlad anyway) was that she was looking for something different in him. He mentioned her looking for the Knight when he was a Dragon or something like that. I’d take the Dragon over the Knight any damn day.

Smash: I think she would, too. She loves the hell out of that guy, even though he has some serious personality traits that are hard to ignore.

Mel: He’s definitely over the top alpha male. I think the flashbacks really helped her to understand him. As closed off as he is if it wasn’t for her ability, I don’t think she ever would have really known him or how he felt about her. I’m glad that she was able to see through the facade he shields himself with and get to the heart of the man inside.

Smash: So true. It’s not like he’s an open book or anything. I think he’s let his guard down a little now. I have a note in my book journal that says “Damn it, Vlad. Let down the wall!”

Mel: I really like them as a couple. Things changed so much for them over the course of this book. Obviously don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but Leila went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. At least not yet.

Smash: Yes. Leila grows a lot in this book and I really enjoyed her metamorphosis. Now, can we talk about the elephant in the room, also known as CHAPTER 36!

Mel: Hello, hotness!!

Smash: Jeaniene likes her chapter 30-somethings to be hot and heavy!

Mel: Just think, can you image what a chapter 30-something would be in a book featuring Ian? Sorry, I had to throw that out there as he is a serious perv.

Smash: He IS. Ha. I bet it would make you do this O.o a few times.

Mel: I’ll admit that I lurve me a good, hot smex scene and Jeaniene certainly knows how to steam up the pages. Throw in Vlad and a blood bag and WOW!!

Smash: She definitely gave us a serious treat. I don’t think I blinked the entire scene.

Mel: I may have reread that one a time or twelve.

Smash: Didn’t we all. :P

[spoiler]Mel: Something I didn’t see coming was Vlad and Leila’s wedding.

Smash: Same here. I felt it was rather fast for the delicate flower (Vlad) since he doesn’t let women that easily into his life and all.

Mel: I felt it was kinda rushed as well but I guess he needed her to know he was serious. I don’t know. It didn’t seem like a very Vlad thing to me.

Smash: I agree. It was not fitting of her personality, but I think some of his walls are crumbling. Maybe he’s finally met his match. ;)

Mel: Well you know me and that I am a hardcore author stalker on Facebook and Twitter. I follow Jeaniene and she mentioned writing a scene from the wedding in Cat’s POV for the next Cat and Bones book. I’m definitely looking forward to that. I can only imagine the Bones’ snarkfest.

Smash: How fun! Bones is totally going to snark all over that wedding. [/spoiler]Speaking of Cat, I loved her little cameo in this book. Devious lady!

Mel: She is very devious and the only one I could ever see getting away with something like that. Anyone else would have ended up flambayed or on the end of a pole.

Smash: Let’s not make that mistake, Mr. Vlad. K? I don’t want you and Bones to go head to head, ever.

Mel: Well head to head only if there is a pool full of oil or mud of something along those lines. Oh and nakedness. Much nakedness.

Smash: *snort* Up Next on Things You Shouldn’t Share With Your Mother: Jello Wrestling, featuring Vlad the Impaler and Snarky Bones!

Mel: I’d pay for that, yo!!


Favorite Quotes


More of that hair-raising energy rolled out of Vlad, until I was rubbing my arms to chase the tingling sensations away. Was this what Marty meant when he told me vampires could measure each others’ strength by feeling their auras? If so, then Vlad’s had Badass: Do Not Engage written all over it.
“Hi. Cat was just keeping me company until you came back.”
He glanced in the direction she’d just disappeared to before returning his attention to me. “Fourteen hundred and thirty-one."
I blinked. "What's that?"
"The year I was born, which is not, as you'll note, yesterday.”


“I muttered a curse as my fangs sprang out again. Now I knew how teenage boys with unwanted erections felt.”
“If you introduce yourself to anyone as Mrs. Dracula, I’ll bite you in a manner you won’t enjoy.”
“This place stinks.”
“Did the guards forget to spray Febreze?” Vlad asked in mock indignation. Then he gave me a jaded look. “It’s a dungeon, Leila. They’re supposed to smell.”
Mission accomplished. The stench might have actually killed my new appetite. If Hell could fart, it would smell like this.
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