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Deadly Sting (Elemental Assassin)

Deadly Sting - Jennifer Estep  "You bitch!" he screamed. "I'll kill you for this!""Sure you will," I said in an easy voice. "Take a number and get in line."Gin is always pissing someone off, even when she's out shopping for a nice dress with her awesome faux-brother, Finn. I mean, her breathing alone pisses you off, but then she goes and kicks your ass when you mess up her shopping date. And well, that pisses you off. Right? Well, that guy was sure pissed, and Gin told him to get in line. This is pretty much what her life now entails.  A long line of people who are dying, literally, to get Gin dead. She's like a bad penny though and keeps coming back, shinier than ever.  Her magic continues to grow, and in Deadly Sting, we experience one of the coolest tricks that Gin has ever done with her magic. It. Kicked. Ass. My jaw made nice with the floor during that scene and I have to admit I was impressed. Not that it was Gin's first time impressing me, but damn sure the most impressive trick to date. Chic's got mad skillz, yo.Where was I. Oh, right. Gin's out shopping for a nice dress and stilettos (even though she'd rather stab Finn with them than wear them) because Finn wants her to accompany him to the opening of a fancy, schmancy art exhibit that is way too ironic to explain and spoil you with here. Unfortunately for Gin, Finn, and the hundreds of other folk attending the gala, including Owen, Eva, Philip and Roslyn, a certain giant by the name of Clementine has way more planned than you will find in the gala program. Clementine's master plan was pretty impressive and she livens up the party quite significantly. She thought through all of the details and things that could go wrong, but she didn't expect Gin Blanco. And Gin shows us all how to kick  ass and take names in heels.Gin reminded me of John McClaine, aka Die Hard, throughout this book. She was sneaking around, undetected, sniping and shivving people left and right. She loves the shiv. heh. I was pretty entertained by this thought and it really elevated the story for me. I pretended it was a movie and Gin was John's deadly, adopted sister. *snicker* Owen and Gin unexpectedly team up to bring down Clementine's giant horde, and working together forces them to talk things out a bit during their down time sitting in the prickly patch. Don't ask. Their emotions are raw and visible, but they remain level-headed and get the job done. Their last scene together had me clutching my heart and holding my breath. It was kinda beautiful.Finn is gold in this book, but isn't he always?“You do realize that the cost of that bracelet is within spitting distance of my going rate as an assassin, right?”“You mean your going rate back when you were actually killing people for money,” Finn said. “Or as I like to call them— the good ole days.”Oh. And the ending will please all of the Gin fans. It was a long time coming.