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Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, Book 2)

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2) - Marissa Meyer, Rebecca Soler

 Totally Engrossed

I need to state that this series on audio has been SO DAMN GOOD. Rebecca Soler has really elevated the story with her inflections, emotions and accents. I have truly enjoyed listening to the tale of Cinder and Scarlet.


Scarlet is feisty and I loved her strong, independent, protective nature. I found myself much more interested in her page time than Cinder. She was protective of her grandmother, and in the end, of Wolf. Wolf was AWESOME. Just awesome. The story behind him and his brethren is not revealed until very late in the game, and his situation kept me guessing throughout the entire book. I was flabbergasted at  the connection between Wolf and other characters in this universe.


Cinder's new friend, Thorne, was a humorous addition to the cast. He was bit of an airhead but he was also useful and loyal. I loved his obsession with "his" spaceship. ICO! Oh, how I adored this android even more in this installment. I don't want to give away her situation in this book, but she really lightened some scenes with her adorable, funny, innocent personality. I am amazed, over and over again, that I adore secondary characters so much more than main characters.


I really, really enjoyed this installment in the series. I found it really creative, engaging and entertaining. There was a LOT of action, a lot of gasping and a lot of cursing. By me. Not the characters. I enjoyed the different story lines of Cinder and Scarlet, and how they merged together in a big way at the end of the book. The plot is moved forward leaps and bounds in this book. There are a lot of dangerous moments for the characters and I was on the edge of my seats during some of the action scenes.


I am WICKED excited to meet Rapunzel in the third book, Cress!



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