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Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready Read this review at Smash Attack Reads: http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/05/double-review-shade-shift-by-jeri-smith.htmlSet in modern times, the world has experienced the “Shift.” Anyone born after it is able to see and communicate with ghosts that remain in limbo. The Shift is not explained because the cause is unknown. In fact, uncovering the mystery becomes a major part of the series. Ghosts have become so commonplace that there are even lawyers who represent those who seek justice in order to move on. And that is where we meet our protagonist, Aura. Aura works part-time for her aunt and godmother as a translator for ghosts. In fact, it’s quite common for post-Shifters to translate for ghosts during trials. All in the name of justice.Aura is a pretty interesting young lady. I find her quite compassionate, fair, devoutly loyal to those she loves and extremely patient. Aura is quite in love with her boyfriend, Logan, an Irish youth who is extremely devoted to the punk band he’s formed with his siblings. I’d say he’s pretty self-absorbed and addicted to the idea of fame, however, he doesn’t come across as an asshole, ever. Unfortunately for him, he kicks the bucket near the beginning of the book. It’s quite a devastating moment and I really enjoyed how the author wrote it. It made me gasp! Of course, Aura was born after the Shift, so Logan is still around, in his new violet, ethereal form. Talk about an endless heartbreak. :/In walks Zachary, in all his hottie Scottish glory, whose father was relocated to town for business. Zach is a pre-Shifter, and cannot see ghosts, but he certainly notices a beautiful, intelligent, passionate young lady when he sees one. He’s assigned to assist Aura in a research project that she’s doing. It’s a project that becomes very integral to the story, and slowly uncovers a connection between Aura and Zach that they never could have imagined.The love triangle has been beat into the ground, and many of us are yearning for a new spin on romantic tension. This books brings that new spin, and I was pleasantly surprised at the greatness of it. This was my first book by the author. Brooke at Brooke Reviews let me borrow her WVMP books forever ago, and I need to pick them up and read them now. I was quite impressed with the author’s writing style, imagination and ability to tell a good story.