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Tempest (Tempest Trilogy Series #1)

Tempest (Tempest Trilogy Series #1) - Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2012/01/tempest-time-travel-story-that-left-me.htmlInterest in the book: The books does sounds interesting, no? I was really attracted by the main character being stuck in a year after his girlfriend is fatally shot, knowing he will somehow figure out how to rectify the situation. It seemed like a very dramatic story to tell. Characters: Jackson is our main character. He’s 19 and in his first year of college. He’s filthy rich with a non-participative dad and a hole in his heart that his sister Courtney once filled. As you learn things about Jackson’s past, you feel pity and sadness for his present, but you also admire his positive outlook. He’s in love with Holly, and with the help of uber-geek Adam, he’s beginning to test his time jump abilities. And that’s about as interesting as I found him. Holly wasn’t an extremely exciting character either, though I did enjoy their time in the past together much more than the present. Adam, Courtney and Jackson’s father were my favorite characters. Jackson’s father is extremely intriguing and throughout most of the book I detested him, but I found him so very interesting. I placed my self in his shoes at times, trying to figure out his motives. I may have felt some empathy a time or two. The moments Jackson shares with Courtney in his jump to the past are uber sweet and some of my favorite scenes. Worldbuilding: This is my favorite part of any story and I was quite disappointed with the world building in Tempest. I recognize that my confusion with the time jumping probably led to my disappointment, but it still brought the enjoyment factor down for me something major. The flashbacks were set in the past that is now the present, but there were a lot of flashbacks and jumping and the pacing was fast. It became convoluted and disorienting for me. Lasting Impressions: I really enjoyed the male narrator. We need more of these in YA! The heart and passion behind this story is solid. I felt it. It’s there, but I didn’t buy in to the love story as much as others. My connection to Jackson, Holly or their relationship wasn’t strong. The final 50 or so pages of the story were very exciting and I enjoyed them more than the rest of the book! I think where the story is headed may be enough for me to pick up book 2. Smashtastic Entertainment Scale: Great potential.