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Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico http://www.smashattackreads.com/2012/04/blog-tour-review-croak-by-gina-damico-3/Smashtastic Entertainment Quickie: Interesting mystery with entertaining, likable characters. And Grims, peeps!Interest in the book: When Teen Book Scene sent out the request for this blog tour, the synopsis immediately drew me in. Grim Reapers FTW! And the justice bit interested me, being who I am and all.World-building: This book starts out in a boring little town with a teenage girl full of angst and screw the world attitude. She’s getting into serious trouble with her peers and in school, so the family sits down and discusses options for Lex. Spending a summer on her Uncle Mort’s farm, shoveling horse manure and milking cows, is bound to teach her a lesson or two. Ha! See how much you know, mom!Lex is sent to Croak, a town the size of a Piggly Wiggly (which surprisingly does not have a Piggly Wiggly). Croak does, however, have streets called Dead End and Slain Lane and menu items at the Morgue diner called Mad CowBurger, HomiCider and Salmo-Nilla Ice Cream. FULL of win, I say! And death. Of course, Croak is not your typical backwards podunk town.The Afterlife, filled with everyone dead and gone, was an enjoyable piece of the story. We get famous greats like Abe Lincoln, the Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, and Edgar Allen Poe, who wander around the Afterlife in bliss. Or not so much. Some are still stuck in their moments on earth, trying to figure out how to make anything fly or light something else on fire. Their personalities and interactions with the characters were light and humorous.Characters:Lex is hardcore teen angst in a fearless package and her M.O. is busting balls and making your daddy weep. Lex feels misunderstood and out of place in the real world. Of course, so do all the other miscreants in Croak and around the Grimsphere, so that sense of belonging brings out a different side to Lex. She becomes bearable but never loses her edge. I loved Driggs so much because he gave Lex attitude right back. He was her equal in many ways and I loved their banter. How can you not love Driggs?“Did I just blow your mind?” Driggs asked. “I think I just blew your mind.”Uncle Mort, Cordy (Lex’s twin sister) and the rest of the cast where entertaining and enjoyable.Lasting Impressions: This book was fun. I can’t say I was too caught up in the mystery. I found it odd and the outcome was a bit meh. However, I enjoyed the story because of the world-building and characters. I also like where the story is headed. I am interested to see just how unique Lex really is!Favorite Quote:“Michael Thorley turned out to be an assclown, the rest of this place is nothing but a barren wasteland of undateability. The only guy who’s shown the slightest amount of interest in me this summer is Mr. Papadopoulos on the third floor of the nursing home. He says I have the ass of a Russian call girl.” -Cordy.