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Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #2)

Hexed - Kevin Hearne Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsINTEREST IN BOOK: Thanks to the Kiss Me, I’m Irish read-along that took place in March, I finally started this uber awesome series! I am quite disappointed that it took me so long to pick up the second book, for I was highly entertained. As expected.WORLD-BUILDING: There is so much world-building AWESOME in this series. The author weaves so many different mythologies into the story line. It is so entertaining and epic and fun and weeeeeeee! The opening of this book was a favorite. Atticus is busy lecturing his ancient Vampire lawyer, Leif, on pop culture and using slang language in the 21st century. It was quite humorous and I enjoyed how irritated Leif became during the conversation. Next thing you know, Atticus is battling ugly beasties for his life, then is swiftly visited by Coyote, Aztec god extraordinaire. Apparently, you don’t want to be visited by Coyote. This is pretty much the pace for the rest of the novel. Atticus runs (and flies!) for his life from a crazy witch coven, Bacchants unleash serious debauchery upon the city, and the Morrigan and Brighid almost give Atticus a heart attack with their tricky ways!CHARACTERS: Atticus is back and larger than life. I really, truly adored him in this installment. He has a huge heart but damn if he is going to let someone pull a fast one on him. He pulls a lot of magical tricks out of his hat during this book, and once again, I was shocked at just how powerful he really is. I guess being older than dirt pays off in some ways.I adored the code that Atticus and Granuaile used for alibis. It was wicked funny! And when Atticus is around her, he reminds me of Dug from the movie, Up. He desperately tries to think of anything other than her gorgeous face and body, yet his minds always ends up back there. Baseball…boobies. No, baseball, dammit! Fun stuff.I can’t not mention Oberon, since he’s one of the best sidekicks in urban fantasy. His personality is so gentle, understanding and protective, but he has this sarcastic side to him that we are so lucky to witness since he and Atticus can speak to each other via magic. And, he actually spoke Pig Latin in this book, which had me roar with laughter. I just adore this pooch and his fondness of sausage and bitches.“Out, out, thou strumpet Fortune!” I cried with all the venom of Charlton Heston. Oberon asked.“It’s a Shakespearean word for whore.”I literally scared my cats with the large cackle that escaped after that line!LASTING IMPRESSIONS: Atticus, Oberon and the cast of characters in this series provide endless amounts of entertainment. I am never sure who to trust and the actions keeps me on the edge of my seat. Many of the characters have wicked strength and abilities and even more wicked tempers. These things do not mix well. Lots of snark, lots of action, lots of magic and mayhem. The plot builds up well and I love where the story line is headed.FAVORITE QUOTE“Fuck the Boy Scouts,” I’d said. “Be Prepared was my motto before there were any streets to help little old ladies across.”“Oh. Right.” Granuaile had paused, and when I failed to fill the silence, she asked, “Does that mean you already have a plan, sensei?”“No, I’m just establishing my primacy over the Boy Scouts.”