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Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World Series #2)

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World Series #2) - See this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2010/08/book-review-eternal-kiss-of-darkness-by.htmlIt is no secret that I am a major fan of the Night Huntress series. Cat & Bones are one of the most stellar couples in the PNR universe. So, it would make sense that I pick up the Night Huntress World books. I enjoyed Spade’s book, First Drop of Crimson, but I can’t say I was too excited for Mencheres’ story. I’ve never thought of him as sexy, he was always a bit scary (he posses MAJOR amounts of power) and aloof. Emotionally detached. Well, that has definitely ALL changed now! Frost managed to add depth, interest, compassion and actually breathed life back into Mencheres’ character. She also described his Egyptian history, which was some of my favorite scenes in the book. Just awesome! And, Mencheres might be older than dirt, but in this world - the older you are, the more power you have to make your partner’s body explode with euphoric sensations! *sizzle* I enjoyed Kira from the get go. She is intelligent, independent and courageous, and she refuses to endanger humanity. Her sense of duty to help others led her to find Mencheres. Once he told her of the world she just stumbled upon, she took it like a champ. She is very strong-willed – Mencheres actually can’t breach her mind. He won’t let Kira go until he can erase her memories (he can’t risk her blabbing about his race). Kira isn’t very happy about this and she challenges him from the start. She was never once afraid of him. After Kira’s sister falls very ill (she has a chronic condition), Mencheres makes a very compassionate move. Of course, a big evil bad ass is out get Mencheres and a series of events puts him and Kira in an ugly predicament. However, I find they work quite well as a team. Kira is a good match for Mencheres. She levels him out a bit, and she stand up to him, mentally.Of course, Cat & Bones make an appearance and I must say, I hated the scene they were in. Maybe it was the situation and their reluctance to believe Mencheres, but I was kind of pissed at both of them. *shakes fist* Bones is Mencheres’ co-ruler so he obviously doesn’t fight against him, but the attitudes in that scene were ugly. AND, Frost delivers the real goods: VLAD! He had serious airtime in this book! I love that hot vampire piece of ass something fierce and I am looking forward to his book!Eternal Kiss of Darkness was fantastic, full of danger, intense emotions, compassion and loyalty. I think Frost wrote some of the best sex scenes I’ve yet read from her (not including Chapter 32, of course!). *holyhotshowersceneandceilingsexwhoa* I want to have ceiling sex, please. :) There wasn’t as much humor in this book, probably due to Mencheres’ serious, dignified persona, but I enjoyed what we got. Frost’s sense of humor never lets me down! And I am so pleased at Kira’s new job prospect. She is gonna rock it!Favorite Quotes:“Dead or not, you must be bored with women telling you how you look like the hottest, most exotic wet dream they’ve ever had. No wonder the thought of you, grapes, and some scented massage oils crossed my mind – and if you drop that towel again, I’m going to need a cold shower.”It was ironic; he held her captive, yet she’d captivated him.“First bubble baths. Now Disney parks. You’re shattering every creepy vampire myth I’ve ever heard.”His pulsating power certainly had its unexpected advantages. After last night, Kira knew that his tongue felt like a vibrator set to the speed of Oh Hell Yea.Deep, bone-melting pleasure surged through Kira’s subconscious as he thrust forward again, almost causing her to shout at the crash of rapture filling her.“That is what I feel when I’m inside you.” His voice was low, eyes lit up with blinding green. “And you will feel every measure of the same, I promise.”He smiled, so sensual and beautiful, it was another form of bliss just looking at him.“I’ve heard the expression climbing walls, but I never thought I’d experience it, let alone like that,” she murmured, her mouth curling into what was probably a dreamy smile.Cat cleared her throat in the tense silence that followed. “Uh, before this goes any further, let’s at least introduce ourselves to your friend. I’m Cat, and this is my husband, Bones. We’re part of Mencheres’ twisted little fang family.”“I can’t believe you bit me there,” she finally said. “But what I really can’t believe is how it felt.”A smile curved his lips. “There are perks to being a vampire. That is one of them. I’ll enjoy showing you the others.”My favorite quote of the entire book was delivered by Vlad, of course. It can spoil a major event in the book, so don’t read it if you don’t like spoilers.“Do you want to be put under first?” she asked Lewis as they sat down.“Huh?” he replied in confusion.Something like a cough came out of Vlad that jerked her head up. Vampires didn’t need to cough. Was that a muffled laugh?“You know.” Kira’s eyes flashed green at Lewis, and her fangs seemed to jump out of her gums. “Get bespelled so you don’t remember this.”Lewis appeared even more confused. “If that’s what you want.”I will not as for pointers from Dracula, she swore to herself. I will not. “Yeah, I’d feel better about that. So, ah…look into my eyes.”Another strangled sound came from Vlad’s direction. Now Kira was sure it was a laugh. She was determined to ignore him.Lewis obediently stared at her, and Kira tried to make her voice sound confident. “You don’t feel anything. You’re not afraid.”“I am,” came Vlad’s immediate reply. “If you tell him wolves are the children of the night next, I might hurt myself laughing.”