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Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel

Pretty When She Dies - Rhiannon Frater Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsInterest in Book: Firstly, it's Rhiannon Frater. That should really be enough. Secondly, it's Rhiannon Frater's take on vampires. I knew going into this book I would get the darker side of vampires, but wow. I got so much more than I expected. In true Frater fashion, the opening of this book will grab you and plant your ass in a seat until it's had its way with you. And it will be rough, so hold on to your skivvies...World-Building: I love Rhiannon Frater's brain. When the zombie apocalypse occurs, and if this incredible author should perish at the teeth and/or claws of zombies, I sure hope they leave her brain intact. A lot to ask for, I know, but I would preserve it in the Museum of Awesomesauce Awesomeness, of which I will be the Curator of Awesome. Am I getting through to you? Good. Now that my zany personality has your attention, I would want to preserve her brain because we need to learn from it. Dissect it and welcome all the treasures inside. Ha. You thought I was finished babbling. Sucka!So really where I'm going with this is that Rhiannon's world-building always leaves me satisfied. Like a good piece of chocolate, ya know? This world isn't so different from our own, aside from the fact that paranormal creatures are your neighbors in Amaliya's world. What I loved most about the world-building was how Rhiannon took a story about a newly turned vampire and added a nice dose of necromancy on top, just to keep it interesting. Amaliya's sire is a serious threat to mankind and the mystery and danger surrounding his character kept the intensity-level sky high. Amaliya is connected to him more deeply than she imagined, yet he is also surprised by how deep that connection goes.Characters: Amaliya's dealt a shitty hand when her throat is ripped out during a sneaky coffee date. Her pursuer leaves her in a shallow grave, only to rise again a few nights later with no recollection of how she got there, and one hell of a rumbling tummy. As one would expect, things just go downhill from there. Amaliya is thrust into the vampire life with no assistance, no knowledge, no guide. She has to deal with her asshole father and his clan, whose reactions to Amaliya's new nature were very realistic. She has to figure things out for herself, which puts those around her in danger. Luckily, she finds herself in Austin, TX, the home to vampire master Cian, who was, in no way, expecting Amaliya to sashay into his life. She turns his life upside down and inside out, and he likes it so good. I love Rhiannon writing some sexy time! Cian and Amaliya's romps were just the right amount of umph and ahhh. Totally hot without being over the top raunchy.Amaliya's grandmother, Innocente, will grab your heart and squeeze it. She is an amazing character, with the ferocity of a thousand army ants in your pants. I did not find her reaction to Amaliya's new self very realistic, but as I got to know more about Innocente, things fell into place.  Cian's girlfriend pre-Amaliya, Samantha, was a wacky bitch with a sassy mouth. She's going to be fun, I can just tell!  I demand more! I also love that Rhiannon gives such life to animals in her books. The few moments that Samantha's cat, Beatrice, graced the pages were so hilarious.Lasting Impressions: Awesome, of course. Need more? Ok. When Amaliya finally comes to terms with what she is, a major curve ball is thrown and she needs to slide into home quickly or the ref will be sending her ass back to the dark side.  The villain is a tricky, malicious, evil bastard who made me squee with glee. I loved him in all his evil glory. A really well-written villain who has many tricks up his sleeve. So read the book. And then the rest of the series. I just know it will fulfill my need for dark vampires, vengeance and a good laugh or two.