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Web of Lies: An Elemental Assassin Book

Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsInterest in Book: I was truly blown away by Spider's Bite. Gin Blanco sauntered into my life, slapped me around a bit, and told me to buck up or get dead. Well, she actually just impressed the hell out of me, but I figure that's what she would do in real life. After the end of book one, I had to know what new developments would come about in Web of Lies.World-Building: Damn awesome, is what the world-building in this series is. I love how simple yet intricate the network of maniacs is in this corrupt city. There is so much going on behind the scenes and around the characters but you never get lost in the details. The author explains things nicely and the pacing is well-balanced. I love Jennifer Estep's descriptive writing. I am not a fan of drawn-out, overbearing descriptions, but this author gets it just right.This book starts out with a bang, literally! Gin has retired from the assassination biz, but her morals drag her into a life-or-death situation for some innocent people. Gin's flashbacks reveal more about her past and are eye-opening for her and the reader.Throughout the book, we learn about the mining business in Ashland, come up close and personal with some douche bags, and see Gin dress up as a Texas Barbie, complete with accent, ya'll. Win!Characters: Gin just rocks my socks off. (And my feet are cold, damn it!) She continues to impress me with her moralistic thinking even though she has no qualms taking out a bad guy or 5. She doesn't take things lightly and refuses to allow emotions to affect her work. She is a true professional and I sometimes wonder if all the "professional perfection" is wearing thin on her emotional health. But then, I remember who she is and realize that no, it probably isn't. She has come to terms with her calling in life, and her work is bound by a strong moral code. She helps out people in this book who she could have easily ignored and sent on their way to meet Death. Nope. Not this chic.Detective Donovan Caine continues to struggle with his opposing feelings about Gin, and honestly, I wanted to kick him in the jimmy. I completely understand his internal struggles about what she does, but dude is way too narrow-focused for my tastes. More fish in the sea, I say. And one of them is named Owen Grayson. We get snippets of this new character throughout the book, and I must say that I am thoroughly looking forward to more of this intriguing man. And, as always, the secondary characters are off-the-chain awesome. I love Finn, Sophia and Jo Jo to pieces. They are Gin's makeshift family and the quartet is full of love and respect. *big bear hug*Lasting Impressions: The ending revelations are BIG and my theories are vast. The bad guys keep getting badder and the good guys continue to toe the line. The writing is solid, the characters are rocksauce and the plot thickens with the turn of a page. LOVE THIS SERIES!Favorite Quote:I went over, put my hand into Finn’s broad  shoulder, and shook him awake.“What? What?” he mumbled in a sleepy voice. “I didn’t touch her, I swear.”“Relax, Casanova,” I said.