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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1)

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1) - Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsJust what I needed to reinvigorate my love for vampire fiction.Interest in the book: I owe it all to the bloggers who hosted the Tempting Tuesday read-a-long in January. I am so pleased that I picked up the book, and I now have ALL of the released titles, and will be indulging.World-building: I enjoyed the world-building in this novel, though I hope to get more in later installments. Vampires have announced their existence to the human world, however, this series encompasses much more than just blood suckers. That is what I love most about it. We have other supernatural beasties to enjoy, too. Woot! Vampires have organized themselves in a feudal-like fashion. Each of the 12 Houses in the U.S. is run by a Master vampire. Out of the 12 Vampire Houses in the US, Chicago is home to 3 of them: Navarre, Cadogan and Grey. Cadogan’s Master is Ethan Sullivan.Characters: According to many readers, Ethan Sullivan is panty-drop worthy. However, I’m still on the fence about him, though I picture his personality very much like TV-Eric Northman, and this is pleasing. I adored the sarcasm and relationship between Merit and Mallory! Catcher was a sarcastic sorcerer who just got hotter by the second, and Jeff was an adorable were who really needs to get laid.And of course, Merit is our main lady. Many modern-day vampires in this world chose vampirism for various reasons, but our dear Merit was not given such a choice. Thrust into vampirism by force, Merit is dead-set on going against the grain. She challenges Ethan upon first meet, and their relationship only get more interesting from there on out.Lasting Impressions: This is a great start to a series that seems promising on many levels. I enjoyed the mystery and loved the tension between Merit and Ethan. I am curious to see where their relationship ends up. I’m also quite curious to see how bad-ass Merit becomes. She has potential as long as she matures a tad.