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Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #1)

Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #1) - Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsSmashtastic Entertainment Quickie: My first line of notes for this book states "Kevin Hearne is humorous" and it's true! I was so engaged because of his lighthearted, witty and sarcastic writing.Interest in the book: I was really excited to read a UF series written by a male author, not to mention it encompasses great mythology!World-building: Holy SHIT, did Kevin Hearne do his homework, or what? What a fantastic, mythology-rich, modern-day setting he gave us. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces of this series. (Well, that and Oberon.) It is rich with Fae, Greek, Irish, Norse and other types of mythology, with characters such as The Morrigan, Brigit, Bres, and Aengus Óg. Atticus has a Norse Vampire for a lawyer, a werewolf pack to back him up and he encounters an ancient Indian witch who scares the bleep out of me. Plus so much more. All within a small radius of Tempe, Arizona!Characters: Atticus is fantastic. And old! Holy shit old. And funny. Of course, he's posing as a 20-something American, since showing his true age would likely look like something out of a zombie film. Hell, he'd be dust. Not even dust! Ok, getting off topic...he's old, people. But he's sexy. And smart. And witty as hell.I have been around long enough to discount most superstitions for what they are: I was around when many of them began to take root, after all. But one superstition to which I happen to subscribe is that bad juju comes in threes. The saying in my time was, "Storm clouds are thrice cursed," but I can't talk like that and expect people to believe I'm a twenty-one year-old American. I have to say things like, "Shit happens, man."I really enjoyed his voice, as well as his I'm-older-than-dirt-so-don't-try-to-pull-the-wool-over-my-eyes attitude. Atticus remains a step or 5 ahead of everyone else because he can usually think of all the angles and directions that shit can possible come from. He's also a wicked awesome Druid and draws energy from the Earth. There's even one scene of heavy magic use where Atticus has to strip down and sleep butt-ass nekkid in the park to reload energy. He shields himself from the human eye, of course, but not from my imagination. *wiggles eyebrows*Oberon Khan FTW! Oberon is an Irish Wolfhound and Atticus' pet and comrade. He is made of awesome. I can't even begin to explain how much I adore him. He is my 2nd favorite side kick in fiction now. (Sorry, Jenks from The Hollows will never be dethroned.) With his penchant for sausage and bitches, this dog will steal your heart. And if he doesn't, don't blame me for that steaming pile of Irish Wolfhound-size poo in your yard. He is so simple and innocent, which makes his witty commentary stand out.<You don't even know if she really likes you,> Oberon  said as we exited and I unlocked my bike. <She could be doing her customer-service routine and stringing you along in hopes of a big tip the next time you come in. With dogs you just go up and smell their asses and you know where you stand. It's so much easier. Why can't humans do that?>And then the two of them together! So much win. ♥<You think she's going to try something? Should I move behind her?>No, she knows you're here. She can see through your camouflage. But I think she's hiding something, and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.<When did she drop the first shoe? I missed it.>Never mind. Just listen. Once she drinks the tea, she will try to surprise me with something. She is waiting for the contract to be fully in effect before she says anything.<Well, then give her back the check and send her packing!  We don't need to play her witch's games. They always want to get you and your little dog, too.>I knew I never should have let you watch The Wizard of Oz.<Toto didn't deserve that kind of trauma. He was so tiny.>Lasting Impressions: Kevin Hearne is my new hero! He no doubt throws his personality into the story via humor and great pop culture references. It was an engaging read with fun (and creepy!) characters, an action-packed plot, and rich world-building.  I am ridiculously happy that I was asked to be a part of this read-along because it may have been months or years before I actually picked up this book.Favorite Scene: She arched her eyebrow at me. "So, I was telling you all that? What if one of your customers hear us talking about covens and such things?""We're in the perfect place to talk of them. They'll assume you're Wiccan. And if you're going to go way back in history and anyone is rude enough to interrupt and ask you about it, like the guy who just left, we'll say we're part of the SCA."Her brow wrinkled in confusion. "The Society for Cruelty to Animals?""No, I think you mean the SPCA, where the P stands for Prevention.""Ah. O f course."I shot a quick glance to Oberon. See? Witches.<I see what you mean now. She'd probably give me a sausage and it would have broccoli in it.>