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Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsSMASHTASTIC IMPRESSIONS: All the males in this series are extremely entertaining with their Alpha personalities and their fast descent into love’s open arms. It’s exciting, endearing and fun to watch. Khalil is my number two, a very close second to Tiago, but in all honesty – ALL of these guys are worth loving and it’s hard not to love them all. They all have hurdles to overcome and you find yourself cheering for their happiness. Khalil and Grace’s story was filled with excitement, heartache and wonder.WORLD-BUILDING: Ahhhhhh! Flaily awesome, people! Experiencing Khalil’s awesomeness was just damn awesome, yo! We lean about the Djinn hierarchy, the Power of the Oracle, the seven gods that the Elder Races honored, and so much more! Once again, I’m impressed with the slow expansion of the Elder Races world. We get new information in each installment, which slowly builds the bigger picture. I find the world-building in this series to be superb!CHARACTERS: KHALIL! ZOMGILOVEHIMZOMG! Ok. Maybe not as much as I love Tiago (he’s my first, ya know), but Khalil is so very different, in every way, and has skills no creature would ever dream of experiencing. I think his abilities left my jaw hanging low in a few scenes. To say Grace is a lucky lady is not giving credit where credit is due. Being an ancient being definitely has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Khalil personality is rough in the beginning, being that he is older than dirt and finds it hard to relate to humans. In fact, he finds humans to be a pitiful species and really doesn’t want to deal with them at all. Much to his surprise, Grace is not your ordinary human. Kahlil and Grace are both stubborn, heard-headed individuals, testing each other at every waking moment. She does not lay down and let anyone walk all over her, even though she is struggling to remain sane as the Oracle and care for her niece and nephew on a slim budget.Fate has a happy ending planned for these two, however, and they slowly break away the other’s shell as romance blooms and love snares their hearts. It was subtle and slow and natural and I just LOVED every minute of it. And regardless of his inherent nature, the man-djinn was extremely tender and comforting when interacting with Grace’s niece and nephew. You learn about his past and his own daughter, and it was extremely touching and moving.This couple is definitely on my A-List. I loved them something fierce.FAVORITE SCENE:He let go of her, slapped his hands on the tree trunk on either side of her head and leaned over her. He looked fierce, like he might explode, except she could feel his emotions in truth. Sparring with each other had become a game they both loved to play. All of his real rage was directed elsewhere. “You are such an imprudent and disrespectful human.”“Indeed, that is what you are wont to call me.” She grinned at him. “See what I did there?”One corner of his sexy mouth twitched. She stroked her presence along hos, aligning with him softly.His hands slipped on the tree trunk. He sank a fist into her hair and just held her, looking into her eyes with a steady promise. Her home might be in ruins, her life forever changed, but right in that moment, she had never felt so alive.