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Zombies Don't Cry: A Living Dead Love Story

Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fischer Don't miss out on the Character Interview between Bones & Dahlia on the blog! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/05/review-zombies-dont-cry-by-rusty.htmlFirstly, I have to blame Ashley of The Bookish Brunette (her review link is below) for my unbelievably fun time with this book. You see, I would never have chosen to read a book about zombies with a conscience. It’s just so…wrong. I need my zombies to have red eyes, decomposing bodies and brain-lust! But due to her great review and my subsequent chat with the author on Twitter, the book landed in my hands (Much thanks!) and I enjoyed it thoroughly. So, thanks a lot for making me read about zombies who can think, Ash! ;)That being said, this book was way fun. The silly humor and the characters’ reactions work because the book doesn’t take itself seriously. I sometimes have problems with fantasy/paranormal books because of how unbelievable the reactions of characters are when they are confronted with otherworldly creatures. Well, that didn’t bother me one bit in this book because all you do is laugh through it, as their reactions are quite comical.After Maddy is tragically turned into a zombie, she’s inducted into the, er, species via the Elders Council and given The Manual. Yea, I said council and manual. Someone has to keep those zombies in check! Rule #1 in the manual is Zombies don’t date Normals. Ah hell, this completely sucks because Maddy has been trying to get frisky with Stamp, the new super hot jock in town, and now it’s forbidden. Boo.But that isn’t all that troubles dear Maddy after her, um, resurrection. Bones & Dahlia, super miscreants extraordinaire, are stalking her like bears stalk honey. And in that exact “I shall eat you when I get my grubby paws on you” way, too. Maddy has always found these two to be uber creepy, but when she finds out that they are bad zombies, aka Zerkers, the story turns from “I’m a nice zombie and buy my brains from the local deli” to “holy shit, zombies eat other zombies’ brains?!”Maddy befriends two otherwise unlikely confidants, Dane and Chloe, who are eerily similar in paleness and arctic body temperature. Maddy and gang have one hell of a wild ride as Maddy tries to finish her junior year of high school while keeping her undead situation on the down low, protecting her loved ones from Zerkers and possibly snagging a kiss from Stamp…As Ashley mentions in her review, the chapter titles are friggin fantastic.Chapter 5: Raindrops keep falling on My Dead Chapter 10: The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies Chapter 13: Cloudy with a Chance of Gray Matter Chapter 30: Zombies in the Girl’s Room Chapter 32: A Pimp Called DeathThe ending of this book is left wide open for a sequel and I am very curious if the author plans to write one…??? :) If you’re looking for a book that will have you giggle out loud, take your mind off life while not making you think too much, then pick this one up. It’s ridiculously fun.