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Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1)

Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1) - Angeline Kace SMASHTASTIC ENTERTAINMENT QUICKIE: A solid introduction into a vampiric world that is full of intrigue, deceit and mayhem! Oh, and Mirko. ♥INTEREST IN THE BOOK:I came across Angeline Kace via Twitter, somehow, and bought her book some time back. She is wicked fun and very interactive on Twitter. I finally decided to read Descended by Blood for Book ♥ Soulmates Month of Indie Epicness feature. I am pleased that I finally picked it up!CHARACTERS: Brooke starts off as a meek and mild kind of young lady who cannot stand up for self and is scared to speak up in class. She especially has issues when it comes to talking to Jarren, her long-time and seemingly unreachable crush. Of course, Jarren does take notice and they begin to date. I felt their relationship moved to quickly but the insta-love did not detract from the story. And speaking of insta-love…or lust, in this case…HELLO, Mirko! Actually, I will be honest and state I did not really like him on first look, but hot damn, does he grow on you! And being on me is the goal. *out of the gutta, Smash* Needless to say, I definitely need some more Mirko in my life. He is gorgeous, snarky and dangerous. He weasels his way into Brooke’s heart, so a love triangle is definitely present in this story. I am totally hoping Mirko wins the girl. Jarren just doesn’t compare! I also loved Mirko’s nickname for Brooke – Slatki. And while he is all feisty on the outside, he is also compassionate and just.“Just make sure that whatever you decide, it’s what all of you wants, not just the torn part of you that speaks louder.”I must state my admiration and awe for Lijepa, a Pijawikan who assisted Brooke in uncovering her hidden talents, so to speak. She was full of grace and wisdom and added so much to Brooke’s life in a short amount of time.Lijepa was taking up a role in my life of many positions; she was a mentor, a friend, a nurturer, my teacher, and apparently, my shrink. It didn’t bother me, though, because she didn’t ask me questions in the same doctor/scrutinize/you’re messed up sort of way.I appreciated that Angeline made her characters relatable and real. I had a discussion with her on Twitter about Brooke and Jarren’s talk regarding their absent fathers. I can relate to their issues and while I moved past that part of my life a long time ago, it still helped me connect with Brooke on another level.WORLD-BUILDING: The opening scene with the mountain lion was weird for me, due to how easily Brooke and Kaitlynn shook off the oddity of the entire situation. And it was way too easy for Jarren and Kaitlynn to be whisked away to a military base with little worry from their parents, but hey, it is fiction. The history provided on the different vampire races, Pijawikas and Zao Duh, is interesting and I look forward to learning more. Brooke’s special talents are wicked cool and I cannot wait to watch her practice some bad bitch moves on unsuspecting asshats.LASTING IMPRESSIONS:The end of the story had my chin and floor making nice, so reading the sequel, Enemy Within, is pretty much a must!FAVORITE QUOTE:Figures. Jarren wants to buy me lilies, and Mirko wants to buy me booty shorts.