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Devil's Gate: Elder Races Series, Book 3 (A Novella of the Elder Races)

Devil's Gate - Thea Harrison Courtesy of Smash Attack ReadsThe Deets:We first meet Seremela in Serpent's Kiss, and I was so amazed to find a medusa in a story! Big ups to Thea Harrison for incorporating medusa lore into her series. I mean, who ever thought they wanted to learn about these supposedly icky creatures? I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED learning more about the medusae culture in Devil's Gate.The medusae believed that each medusa was born with a drop of poison in their souls. The poison turned into a medusa's Adversary, the dark voice that whispered doubts and fears in one's own thoughts. The measure of one's strength was determined by how well on withstood one's internal Adversary. Seremela tried to overcome the negative voice, but her own Adversary had a lot of ammunition to use against her.It was eye-opening to be in Seremela's head and realize how lonely it most be for that species. However, what tenacity and determination this women possesses! And her snakes, poisonous to many creatures, were hilarious to experience. She refers to them as brats occasionally and they really did remind me of rambunctious, nosy pets. They sure did calm down and appear at ease when Duncan was around though...Duncan is a Vampyre and the progeny of Carling, who was once the Vampyre Queen but is now enjoying her days and nights with her mate, Rune. I don't think I ever thought twice about Duncan, but he certainly came across as appealing int his novella. And so very different from the large, aggressive Alpha males in this series. Duncan's Alpha-ness is different. Still quite strong physically, his intelligence and charm are more his forte, and he has them in spades.Duncan and Seremela are an odd pair, but I was quite taken by their story. They seem to complete each other, accept each other. It just felt natural and beautiful. Win!Favorite Quote: He's have to be a liar or blind to claim he wasn't affected by her beauty, because he was, but what really engaged his interest was her quick mind. It was such a goddamn pleasure to seduce an intelligent woman.