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Frostbite: Vampire Academy #2: Frostbite Bk. 2

Frostbite - Richelle Mead http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/03/review-frostbite-by-richelle-mead.html"There's nothing worse than waiting and not knowing what'll happen to you. Your own imagination can be crueler than any captor."Book 2 in this fantastic series has a grisly opening. Rose gets a healthy dose of realism when she discovers a massive Strigoi attack on a Moroi family. Strigoi aren’t known for working in large groups, so this attack has the school in chaos. It’s winter break at St. Vladimir's but families are too scared to allow their children to come home. To keep the students safe, they congregate at a posh ski resort that is heavily guarded. More Guardians are brought in, including Rose's kick-ass, respected, Strigoi-killing mother, Janine Hathaway. Too bad Rose’s opinion of her mother is anything but perfect. Mommy issues, anyone? The Moroi get together to talk strategy, and Christian’s aunt Tasha brings up a great idea that is shot down due to her family’s history. And maybe because the Moroi find it completely out of question. Some of the students aren’t happy that the Moroi are bickering about the threat instead of acting…Mason, Rose’s fellow Guardian-in-training and best guy friend, has a major crush on her. Rose realizes that he could be good for her but is conflicted about how to handle the relationship while completely enraptured by Dimitri, someone she feels she can never have. Oh, dear irresistible, forbidden Dimitri. What is a girl to do? It doesn’t help that Tasha, a beautiful, fierce, available royal is flirting with Dimitri and breaking open his hard shell via laughter. Rose is furious and very upset, but does she even have a say? Rose is also transported into Lissa’s head more due to Lissa’s overwhelming emotional states. She and Christian are getting serious, and with that comes exploration. Sounds like a situation any best friend would like to find themselves in, no? Ha, not. Lissa was not as prominent in this book, and while she serves as a very important piece in this series, I’m still not enamored by her character. She is Rose’s best friend, but sometimes I feel like that is a one-way street. However, Lissa learns more about Spirit in this book, and can we just say that her abilities far surpass those of any of the other magical elements. So rad. And I adore Christian. His witty, snarky comments liven up the pages of a sometimes very somber series. He’s one of my favorite characters, for sure.A new character is introduced – Adrian Ivashkov, a royal Moroi and great-nephew of the queen, Tatiana. Adrian is hot for Rose, and makes his intensions known upfront. Adrian is quite hot himself and is known as a lady killer. He’s also quite the lush, and reeks of alcohol and tobacco 24/7. Self-medicating, perhaps? Rose is inexplicably drawn to him but resists his attempts. He also has the ability to visit her in her dreams, which is creepy beyond belief, but quite intriguing. Who is this guy?Three of Rose’s friend decide to leave the safe confines of the ski resort in search of the Strigoi group that is responsible for the recent kills. 3 students decide to take matters into their own hands. Not a good equation. When Rose hears of this, she asks for Christian’s assistance, and they set off to save their comrades. Seeing Rose and Christian work as a team was quite exciting and I look forward to more of that! However, what Rose and crew are confronted with will forever change their lives. Throughout this book, you see a major growth in Rose. She is no longer the party girl with a questionable reputation, one who would jump at the chance to show off. Rose is now the voice of reason and remains level-headed in the midst of danger. She has matured greatly. This series smacks you around with emotions, as well as a healthy does of action. The plot advances, the characters grow, and the world expands. Good stuff!