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Raziel (Fallen (Pocket Books))

Raziel - Kristina Douglas Check out Smash Attack Reads for my review AND an interview with Kristina Douglas! http://smashattackreads.blogspot.com/2011/01/arc-review-interview-fallen-raziel-by.htmlIf you did not already know, I love Angel Mythology. I am uber happy that it has made such a splash into the writing circuit! I was excited to receive a book from an unknown-to-me author writing a new series on Angels, and I feel honored that Pocket (Simon & Schuster) contacted me! A MAJOR moment for lil ole me.Kristina delivers the reader with a very detailed description of the world right up front, and does great to keep the reader informed throughout the novel. The Fallen were cast out a millennia ago and cursed to live off blood and ferry souls to Heaven or Hell, via Uriel’s order. Uriel is the last archangel, handed the reigns by God himself. He is a twisted SOB and would like nothing more than to rid the world of the Fallen, whom he despises for their defiance. He also rules over the Nephilim, a nasty, evil sect of flesh-eaters who are seriously gruesome!Raziel crosses paths with Allie minutes before she dies, as he is the one who will cart her soul to its proper resting place. However, when Raziel arrives at the appropriate destination, only to realize that it is Hell, he impulsively rescues Allie from eternal damnation at the last possible second. This is a no no, as the Fallen are never to interfere. And Raziel doesn’t understand why he saved her, especially since he put his own existence at risk. You see, Raziel was burned during the rescue and fire is the ultimate killer of the Fallen. As Raziel fights for his life, Allie does the only thing she can think of. She asks God for help. And so the fun begins…I really enjoyed the resistance between Allie and Raziel. There was no possible way that either of them were going to admit their feelings before the other, and it became quite amusing. Raziel pretty much despises her for waltzing into his life for a reason unbeknownst to him and his people, inadvertently lifting the magical veil over his homeland and placing a flashing beacon overhead that reads “Hey, Nephilim, over here! Come eat us! Yay!” However, once he gets a taste of her, there is no looking back.Allie is a spitfire with a strong voice. She is brave, stubborn and speaks her mind. She lives to tease and annoy Raziel, especially when she realizes that he can read her mind. Her thoughts are anything but wholesome, and Raziel is sent into a rage every time he has to fight down his lust for her. Funny!The book started out a bit slow for me and I was afraid that I was not going to enjoy it. However, the novel definitely changes speed and the reader receives great romance, fantastic sex scenes, gruesome action and a serious cliffhanger! The series has a lot of potential and I look forward to the next one!