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Alien in the Family

Alien in the Family - Gini Koch Read this review at Smash Attack Reads! http://www.smashattackreads.com/2011/10/alien-in-family-martini-poofikins-and.htmlMartini and Kitty were great in this book, and you really see their growth – especially Jeff’s. He is trying to conquer his jealousy, though it will likely never fully disappear. Most women hate jealousy in a man, but for some reason, it’s cute on Jeff. His I am Tarzan, Hear me Roar moments are giggle-worthy, and I especially love how Kitty puts him in his place, in her own special way. This couple just works. Kitty remains her bold, effervescent self. She pulled a stunt to get a room of men to pay attention to her, and I must say, it was quite genius and absolutely hysterical. The response from the characters was brilliant. And, as always, Kitty is focused on the priorities. "I hated having to be someplace on time, it took away so many potential orgasms."I must state my undeniable need for a Poof. I loved the addition of these “alien pets” that remind me of the Tribbles of Star Trek fame. It’s the only original Star Trek show I’ve watched (sorry, not a fan) and I fell in love with these balls of fluff. Gini’s Poofs, however, have a serious side to them, and are hella protective of their owners. They might be small, but they pack one hell of a bite. Trust me. If I could own a Poof, I’d name him Puff the Maniacal Poof. :) They purr when they are happy though, and I pretty much melted and snuggled with my kitties during those scenes. I must next state my undying love for James! I honestly did not think it would be possible to love this hunk o’ human anymore than I already did, but he seriously knocked my socks off in this installment. I was crying and laughing and awwing my way through the book because of this character! He is incredible, all around. Christopher also moved me to tears during his speech near the end of the book, too. He has really grown on me. I mean, what else can I say? I truly adore this series and will read everything Gini ever writes because I think she is brilliant and extremely entertaining.